Joba Innings Limit? Hold On…

All year we have heard buzzes from all around about a so called “innings limit” on young Joba Chamberlain. We never knew quite what it was, or even if they had one, but the speculation was that it was around 160-170 innings on the year. Some of his starts have been moved around throughout the year, and again we had no idea where Girardi was going with it. 

But, as of today we know. An article written today reveals the rules, finally. They say that Joba “spilled the beans” as if Yankee fans – who pay $5 for water and $15 for a steak sandwich – have no right to know.

Heres a quote from todays article:

The Yankees have staggered his late-season starts, hoping to have him finish near 160 innings.”

Great. 160 innings. Okay. Now what? Care to tell me where that number came from. Does it come from a doctor? What doctor does this kind of work? And why does the innings matter? If your worried about his health, its the pitches that matter, not the innings. Is it based on historical numbers? If so, then what pitchers are you going by? Successful ones? Injured ones? What basis are we going by here? Who’s to say that the difference between 160 innings and 170 innings will hurt him, when the difference between 150 innings and 160 innings apparently won’t? To me, it seems as though this number has been pulled out of a hat, considering it does not, at all, factor in pitch count, which is the real issue. 

The article goes on to explain the postseason.

“After speaking with Girardi and pitching coach Dave Eiland, Chamberlain said his understanding is that the innings clock will reset, so to speak, once postseason play begins.”

Hold on. What about his innings limit. I thought we were protecting this kids arm. I thought we were protecting his future. So, just because you made the postseason, we can now throw away his future? Of course not, because the innings limit is all hogwash! Why give him a limit at all if it will end up not mattering. And don’t tell me this limit is to keep him in good shape for the playoffs. You haven’t made it yet! That would mean that you rather save a guy in case you make it, rather than have him help you make it. If you saving him for the playoffs, you may not make it because he can’t help you get there!

It’s enough already. Enough holding guys down. Stop being ridiculous, this isn’t the Marlins anymore Girardi, its the New York Yankees! You can’t just pull a number out of a hat and say, “this is how much our top prospect pitcher is going to pitch” and then not back it up. If there is any truth behind this, tell us! 




  1. JQuist

    *Ain’t it the truth. Limiting Joba’s innings right now is a terrible idea for two simple reasons: 1. He’s been sufficient enough on the mound to play an entire season… 2. Chien Ming Wang was in the rotation when these ‘rules’ were laid out! How can that aspect right there not be factored into the situation at all? If the rotation still consisted of Burnett, Sabathia, Wang, and Pettitte – filling the 5 spot would be a different story. If we remove Joba at any point, (because he has an innings limit,) – we’ll be left with 3 excellent starters, and a rotating door for the 4 and the 5. Nice writing man, we should stay in kahootz. Check ot my page – I’m an everyday updater myself… (Although my last entry was a joke to fill the off-day void.) Tomarrow, we’re back to business.

  2. southernbelle

    Ugh. This whole thing has me scratching my head. I want him to just go out there and pitch cuz he’s a pitcher, but I don’t want him to ruin his arm. It is a tough decision. I think I would just let him pitch, though. But within reason. -Virginia

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