9/7 Rays vs. Yankees Preview (Game 1)

A.J. and C.C. battle tomorrow in twin bill against Rays at home.

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Rays @ Yankees
1:05 pm ET (1), 7:05 pm ET (2)

Rays Probable Pitcher:

Matt Garza.jpgMatt Garza
#22 RHP
(7-9) 4.01 ERA 170.2 IP 152 SO 1.260 WHIP
Last Game: 9/2 vs. BOS: ND, 6.2 IP, 6 H, 4 R, 3 BB, 3 SO, HBP
Away (Season): (3-5) 4.89 ERA 
Vs. Yankees (Season): 3 GS (0-1) 2.84 ERA 
Team Record in Starts: 14-13
Run Support: 4.16 Runs/Game
Opposing Hitters (Yankees):
Most PA: Derek Jeter (23)
Best BA: Nick Swisher (.571, 4 for 7)
Most H: Derek Jeter (7)
Most HR: Nick Swisher (2)


Yankees Probable Pitcher:

CC Sabathia.jpg
C.C. Sabathia
#52 LHP
(16-7) 3.84 ERA 199.1 IP 167 SO 1.134 WHIP
Last Game: 9/2 @ BAL: W, 7.0 IP, 7 H, R, BB, 9 SO
Home (Season): (5-2) 3.54 ERA 
Vs. Rays (Season): 2 GS (0-1) 5.93 
Team Record in Starts: 18-11
Run Support: 5.75 Runs/Game
Opposing Hitters (Rays):
Most PA: Jason Bartlett (35)
Best BA: Ben Zobrist (.500, 4 for 8)
Most H: Jason Bartlett (10)
Most HR: Carlos Peña, B.J. Upton (2)

Keys to the Game:
  1. Keep Lefties Out: Opposing lefties are hitting just .192 off Garza. 
  2. Don’t Fall Behind: Garza has held opposing hitters to just a .168 BA with two strikes.
  3. Swing Early: On the first pitch, opposing hitters are hitting .357 off Garza.
  4. Take Advantage: With RISP, Garza has held hitters to a .214 BA. So, if your the Yankees, you need to get those runs in because your not going to get many opportunities.
All stats provided by Baseball-Reference



  1. raysfanboy

    First I want to thank you (If I haven’t already) for putting me on your “Fave Blog” list. That is an honor that I appreciate.

    I love the depth of your statistical analysis. The first pitch thing is surprising to me about Garza b/c from what I’ve seen of him lately it seems that his first pitch is almost never in the zone. Then he struggles to throw a fastball on the second pitch and then…well…in his bad outings he gets rocked. In the good ones, his second pitch is his out pitch. We’ll see how the double header goes tomorrow. I think the Rays are getting close to playing for pride and not the playoffs these days.

  2. feverspell

    I think we’re going to do alright. CC has to be the stopper and get this team back on track and if anyone can do it, certainly he can. Our offensive production hasn’t been a problem – in our losses, it’s been the pitching. I’m hoping for big things.


  3. JQuist

    *Great preview man. That was a lot of useful info – I didn’t know that players are hitting .357 off Garza on the first swing. That means Teixeira has to break the mold and quit watching the first heave! We need to snag both games tomarrow, and I can’t wait to see the pitching duels we’re expecting. Don’t let us down AJ…


  4. southernbelle

    Hey! I love the keys to the game. Very insightful. Yesterday’s game really upset me. I felt bad for Sergio. Whatever. As long as they catch the ball today, I think they will be fine. With CC on the hill and the offense we possess, we should be able to win. And if we don’t we’ve got A.J. tonight. -Virginia

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