A League of His Own

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Current Yankee Hits Leaders Leaders:

Gehrig.png 2,721 Hits

Jeter Hitting.png
2,721 Hits

Jeter Tips Cap.png

That’s right. Gehrig and Jeter are tied atop the Yankees all-time hits list. Jeter tied the record last night. In his first AB, he dropped down a bunt on the first pitch – that’s Jeter for you – it was a great bunt and resulted in his first hit in 12 previous at-bats. The next AB, Jeter hit a scorching ground-rule double that bounced over the center field wall. Then, when he was one away from tying, Jeter came up and hit a rocket right over first base for a single to tie Lou Gehrig for most hits all time. Yankee Stadium was absolutely roaring. Jeter tipped his cap to the crowd, but of course was a little uncomfortable, because the Yankees were losing. But, thank god, the Yankees won this game for Jeter. 
Now remember, this may be a great feat, but don’t let it fool you into thinking that Jeter is a better player than Gehrig. Don’t forget the achievements of Gehrig. His numbers almost want to make you cry. Also don’t forget that Jeter has had 588 more at-bats than Gehrig in his career. 
It’s important to understand what breaking this record will mean. It won’t make Jeter the best player in Yankee history. You can’t forget about Ruth, Mantle, Berra, Dimaggio and of course Gehrig. As I have said before, Jeter’s numbers aren’t representative of the greatness he we have all stamped him with. Jeter was never about the numbers, so to me it’s not to much of a big deal when he reaches this milestone. But again, he is a great, great, great player, and it is nice to finally see him atop a list. It’s great to finally give Derek Jeter’s undoubtable greatness some credibility.
Poll of the Day:

How many hits will Jeter record in his career?
under 3,0003,000-3,4993,500-3,9994,000-4,500over 4,500


All stats provided by Baseball-Reference

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