Posada, Carlson hit with 3 game suspension

Both to begin suspensions Wednesday for late inning brawl.


    Posada Brawl.png Jorge Posada and Jesse Carlson were both hit with three game suspensions Wednesday for a brawl in Tuesday nights game. Both players were also hit with a fine of a disclosed amount. Shelly Duncan was also suspended for three games and Rod Barajas was fined $1,000. 

     The incident started in the top of the eighth inning when Mark Melancon hit Aaron Hill with a pitch straight in the back. Obviously it wasn’t intentional. He had no reason to throw at Hill. Jim Joyce called the incident unintentional as well.
     In the next inning, Jesse Carlson threw a pitch right behind Posada. Jorge was not happy and took a few steps toward the mound mouthing “you don’t want to do that.” Posada ended up walking and scoring. As he ran through the plate, he elbowed Carlson. Carlson, understandably, was unhappy and started a fight with Posada. Both benches cleared and the fight began.
     Heres the problem I have. MLB got this all wrong. Carlson was obviously just a messenger, Gaston was the one who told him to do it. Thats how these things happen. Carlson wouldn’t want to throw at a batter, he wants to pitch! 
     Gaston is the one who should be fined, not Carlson. Posada deserves it because he essentially started it by elbowing Carlson. 
     I’m disgusted with all the fighting in baseball. People always say its “part of the game.” Then why do people get thrown out for doing it?! It’s not part of the game and needs to stop. Suspensions and $1,000 fines are nothing for players making millions of dollars. It’s time or MLB to crack down on this. Give Gaston a $50,000 fine and I bet you he won’t do it again. Plus, every player who leaves the bench should be fined. There’s no reason anyone needs to be hurt. Every player leaves the bench to “defend their players” whatever that means. When players leave the bench, it just makes everything more emotional. Stop the fighting, and lets play some baseball!



  1. southernbelle

    Hey! You have a very good point. Gaston just have ordered for it. Carlson is just the one who did it. I am surprised Gaston did not get fined.
    I watched the replay, and I wouldn’t say Jorge “elbowed” Carlson. He kind of just brushed past him, like a cat brushes past your leg. Carlson was asking for it, standing in the wrong spot like that. Whatever. I just hope everyone is alright.

  2. feverspell

    //I’m disgusted with all the fighting in baseball. People always say its “part of the game.” Then why do people get thrown out for doing it?!//

    The same reason why even though players are given 10 minute game misconducts and sometimes tossed, fighting is a part of hockey. Granted the physicality of hockey is much different than baseball, but if you get hit with a 95 mph pitch or someone comes toward you like they want to start something, you’re not going to find many people who’d back away from that.

    Should fighting be a part of baseball? You could argue that no it shouldn’t since there’s no real need for it, unlike in hockey [it’s a way for teams to police themselves] but as long as you have human beings on the field and not robots, tempers will flare, words will be exchanged and sometimes so will fists. You can’t legislate it out of existence. The NHL tried that already by instituting instigator penalties and heavily fining teams when players leave the bench during a fight, but it happens anyway. Also, if the Yankees are at bat and Derek Jeter gets hit with a pitch and he decides he doesn’t like that and charges the mound, he is at a severe disadvantage since the other team has 9 players on the field. 9 against 1 is hardly a fair fight. You could argue he shouldn’t charge the mound in the first place and you’d probably be right but shouldn’t the fights be fair if they’re going to happen anyway?

    Just my $0.02.


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