Yanks Shut Out Boston, Win First 2

Magic number to one, Yanks can sweep tomorrow.

Red Sox Special.jpgVSYankees Logo Special.jpg

9:26 Box.pngC.C. Cartoon 9:26.pngPlay of the Game: Bottom 8, 2 Out, 1-0 NYY: Johnny Damon 2 RBI 1B

Player of the Game: C.C. Sabathia: W, 7.0 IP, H, 0 R, 2 BB, 8 SO
The Wrap-Up:
In C.C’s last 16 starts, he has a 2.57 ERA and has struck out 108 batters. He has just been great for the Yankees and came up huge for them today. The Yankees magic number is now just one. Who would have thought that the Yankees would win a series in LA and come home and have a chance to sweep Boston? Now the Yankees have a legit chance to clinch against Boston. To me, that’s the last goal left in the 2009 regular season.
Coming Up Next:
Like I said, the Yankees will have a chance to sweep Boston, and clinch the division. It’ll be Pettitte vs Byrd. 

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Stats provided by Baseball-Reference.com

One comment

  1. feverspell

    For starters, the answer to your poll question is “other” since barring a complete meltdown, the playoffs are as follows: NYY vs. DET; BOS vs. ANA. That second series is going to be killer – rooting for either team to win that is going to be like trying to choose between death by firing squad or death by hanging. Neither choice is very pretty.

    What’s amazing is how well we’ve played against the Sox after that disastrous 0-8 start. It’s like we finally got our sh!t together.


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