Congratulations! Yankees Secure AL East Title

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Yankees Logo Special.jpg
AL East Champs.png
2009 ALDS.gifToday’s Accomplishments:
2009 AL East Division Champions
Home Field Advantage in ALL Series
Sweep Boston Red Sox 
Level Season Series at 9-9 After Losing First 8
Earn 100th Win

Player of the Game: The New York Yankees
The Wrap-Up:
Sit back and relax and wait for the playoffs to begin. Enjoy watching the youngsters.
Coming Up Next:
Who cares. But either way they open up a series with the Royals in the final regular season series at the New Yankee Stadium. The probables are Hochevar vs Gaudin.

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  1. feverspell

    I’d love it if we swept the Royals. Of course at this point it doesn’t really matter, everything we wanted to accomplish we locked up [HFA, division, 100 wins] so if Girardi wants to start resting the regulars, I won’t be too angry about it. You probably won’t be seeing Alex and Jorge that much. Then again, he could choose to keep his foot on the gas and not run the risk of everyone being cold come October 7th when the ALDS starts.

    Either way, I couldn’t be prouder of this damn team.


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