Update: Swisher Out on Fly Ball


In the bottom of the fifth inning with nobody out, Swisher was on second base and moved to third on a fly ball. An appeal was made and Swisher was called out. On the replay on ESPN, it showed that, by the naked eye, he did not leave to early. I understand the umpires are human and they make mistakes. I have no problem when they miss ball and strike calls by a half and inch or they miss a call at first by a split second. They are human and it’s nearly impossible to be perfect, and they do a great job. In this case, that call is virtually never made, and if you are going to make it, you better be 100% sure you are right. There was no way he was clearly out. You couldn’t even be sure by the slow motion close up. So, unless you are sure, you can’t make a call that is never made especially when you can’t even tell on a close up.
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