All is Well

Joe Nathan Fist Pump.pngThere’s one final decision to be made in the American League. At the beginning of the day, the Tigers led the Twins by just 1 game in the AL Central. The winner of this division will play the Yankees in the ALDS. Heres what happened today:

DET 1 CWS 5 Final
KCR 4 MIN 5 Final
That means they are all tied up in the AL Central with just one game to go. Tomorrow, the Twins play the Royals, and the Tigers play the White Sox. Heres the good news: Verlander is forced to pitch tomorrow. That means that even if the Tigers win the Central, Verlander will not be able to pitch until game 2, rather than game 1. Obviously the Twins have a better chance to win tomorrow (they are playing the Royals.) But even if it ends up tied, they will have to play a tiebreaker, and Verlander would not be able to pitch for the Tigers, which would increase the Twins chances of winning. But, no matter which team wins, the Yankees will be well rested while either the Twins or Tigers will be worn out going into the ALDS. It all worked out. Now lets just see what happens.

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