Thank you, Andy

Pettitte 11:4.jpgAs Andy Pettitte walked off the mound in World Series game 6, the crowd serenaded him with epic cheers, showing their appreciation for this mans determination and dedication for the past 15 seasons. The 37 year old took a seat in the dugout, with the anticipation of his careers end in near sight.

In his final start of the ’09 season, he pitched 5.2 innings of 3 run, 5 hit ball, walking 5 and striking out 3. In his long passionate career with the Yankees, the two time all-star won 192 games, struck out 148 batters and won 5 championships, with number 6 in his near hopes.

Not to say Pettitte couldn’t resign next year, in fact, there is a good chance he will. But, if today was his final start, I would like share my, along with this entire cities appreciaition for everything he has accomplished on this team. Thank you, Andy Pettitte.


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