NY Note #3

Jose Catching.pngWhat do you think is going to happen with the backup catcher situation?
Bring back Molina, or use Cervelli? Or will it be someone entirely
different? What would you like to see happen?

Virginia Califano
Cold Springs, NY

Good question. Of all of the big Yankee free agents — such as Damon and Matsui — little attention is being given to a player that, for a lot of the year, came up in conversation a lot.

To answer your question, it’s very tough to predict what the Yankees will do. All I can say is that the Yankees are very high on Molina and his defensive abilities; starting him in the World Series over Posada will show you that. Obviously, they think he is extremely important to their huge investment in A.J. Burnett, so in that regard, I would say they would bring him back. Plus the fact that he wouldn’t be very expensive.

On the other hand, the Yankees have very openly said that they want to get younger and more athletic, and in that regard, Cervelli would be the obvious choice.

As for me, I would like to see them show some confidence in Cervelli. Obviously, Molina is one of the best defensive catchers in the league, but Cervelli is certainly not a liability behind the plate. As Molina plays a huge factor for Burnet, Cervelli actually plays as a huge factor for an even bigger investment in C.C. Sabathia. When C.C. threw to Cervelli, opposing hitters hit just .195 as opposed to .233 with Molina and .262 with Posada.

We also have to consider offense. Molina has really become a liability in that regard. This season, Molina hit .217 and Cervelli hit .298. Each had just one homer.

In the end, neither is a huge difference maker, but both have their advantages. Molina helps A.J. and is a better defensive catcher while Cervelli helps C.C. and is a better offensive catcher. To me, what it comes down to is that Cervelli is a younger player with more potential, and that always proves to be the better choice.

– NYColeman


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One comment

  1. southernbelle

    Yes. You agree with me. Francisco Cervelli is the way to go! I wrote an article about which catcher I thought they should keep, and I used similar statistics. I’m happy we have the same opinion; it gives me confidence knowing that more than just 1 person (me) have faith in Cervelli. I love him, and I want to know he will be back. Thanks!
    To see the article I wrote about the backup catcher situation, look here: http://fanhuddle.com/newyorkyankees/2009/11/07/offseason-thoughts-the-backup-catcher-situation/

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