No reason not to have replay

“I’m worried about the pitchers walking around the mound, we are very worried about the pace of out game.”

Bud Selig

In the end, a game will not be decided because the pace of the game was interrupted. But, it wll indefinitely be decided by a blown call. In the end, we need to get the call right. The “pace of the game” should not be more important than getting the call right.

Plus, the pace of the game is not even effected. What does affect the pace of the game is when the manager comes onto the field screaming at the umpire, then the umps getting together and talking about it, still with the possibility of getting it wrong. That is what affects the pace of the game.

So what’s the solution. Simple. Have one more umpire sitting in the press box watching some feed of the game (whatever feed MLB chooses to use). If the umps know they need help, they simply get on the radio and ask the guy in the press box. And boom, the call is right. It will be quicker and more accurate.

Think of it this way. As fans watching on TV, we know the correct call within seconds of the play. The umps have no idea, so we have to wait while they find out. If someone was watching a slow motion close up in the press box, we will get the call quicker and it will be right almost 100% of the time.

To me, Buds just stubborn. He is afraid to change. Tell you what. We have an African American president, a women just ran for president, technology is more advanced than it has ever been. Things are changing, and there is no reason to stay behind. The technology and ability to do things right is there, so use it.


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