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TriviaNerd86 The Yankees buy championships. You have to do it with players, not money. Like Boston or the Mets. #ThingsHatersSay 

This isn’t your typical Yankee hater comment; this one is just flat out wrong. First of all, why even mention the Mets? They don’t win championships. The Red Sox have won 2 in the past 86 years. I understand they have been recent, but how can you compare their success to that of the Yankees.

Then your argument of money. Would you like the Yankees to start losing on purpose? They have the money, so why not use it? This is a business, it’s not about being fair to other teams.

But, wait a second. Interesting how you chose the Mets and Red Sox. Your telling me the Red Sox and Mets don’t spend money? The Mets have the second highest payroll in MLB, and the Red Sox have the fourth highest (CBSSports). So what are you talking about? Not only do the Mets and Red Sox spend a lot of money just like the Yankees, but they don’t even win with it! It must not be the money then.


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