Chat or Chuck: Johnny Damon

Another big, big question for the Yankees. Johnny Damon, coming off a great season, jumps onto the free agent market. The Yankees seem to like Damon a lot, but have also favored younger, more athletic players. For a while it seemed as though Damon was sure to come back, but now, it is certainly no sure thing. Lets take a look at the options:

Why Chat?:

  • He had a monster season, tying his career high in home runs at 24.
  • His swing is perfect for the New Yankee Stadium.
  • Although he didn’t show it as much this year, he can really run well.
  • He is an impact player, he showed that in World Series game 4.
  • He’s getting better at playing left field.
  • If the Yankees don’t sign Matsui, Damon can fall back on the DH spot.
  • He really only wants to play for the Yankees and if Boras will shut up, the Yankees could get him cheap.

Why Chuck?:

  • He will be 37 next season, and although it hasn’t shown, he may wear down easily.
  • The Yankees could go out and get some good free agent outfielders that are younger and better than Damon in which case the Yankees will really have no need for him.
  • Scott Boras wants a big multi-year deal for Damon which the Yankees just won’t do.

Chat or Chuck?:
Chat, definitely.
All you need to know about Damon is what he did in game 4. To me, he won the game. Whenever Damon is at the plate, you know he won’t go down easily. He is a fighter, he is a winner and belongs on the Yankees. Damon has shown zero signs of wearing down, and, in fact, if he has shown any sign at all, he has shown that he is getting even better. His power is up, and his defense is better. The only thing that stands in the way is Scott Boras (surprise). To that I say, so what? The Yankees can afford it.


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  1. thefreak

    My vote would’ve been Damon for WS MVP. But nobody asked me so Matsui got it (which is ok by me as well)

    I would rather bring Damon back for one year w/ club option for a second (I’d even give him $13m w/ incentives) then hit the free agent market. A-Jax is supposed to be ready by 2011. Next year Swisher’s contract is up. If Nady recovers well, he can be re-signed to man right field and move Melky to left. Not to mention that Gardner may find his offense. There are just too many variables about next year that I’m not sure I want to sign someone long term. So I would stay away from Holliday and Bay and put all my eggs into the Lackey basket.

    And if it didn’t work out, there’s always the trade deadline to make some more moves. Thats just me though.

    The ONLY way I would chuck is “if” they brought A-Jax up THIS year. I would move Melky to right and Swisher to left and put Swisher in the two hole in the line up.


    the yankees most sing damon and go after roy matsui is old and his got no chances with the yankees

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