Chat or Chuck: Jason Bay

If you read my last post, you know the news. Jason Bay has reportedly turned down a 4-year $60 million contract from the Red Sox. At 12:01 am ET on Friday, Bay will be able to sign with any club. Any player who turns down a deal worth $15 million for 4 years, it probably means they are waiting for an offer from the Yankees. So, lets preview it.

Why Chat?:

  • He is a great power hitter, hitting over 30 home runs in four of his last five seasons.
  • He has driven in over 100 runs in four of his last five seasons.
  • He can play left field for the Yankees everyday, allowing an older player to slip into the DH spot.
  • He is relatively young at age 32.

Why Chuck?:

  • If the Yankees get Bay, there is a very little chance they will sign a better player in Holliday.
  • He wouldn’t come cheap after turning down a $60 million deal.

Chat or Chuck?:
At least. I think the Yankees need to be aggressive going after Holliday first, and if he doesn’t work out, then Bay will be a very good fall back. Bay is a great player and could make this team great, not only with his own ability, but he can get Damon or Matsui off the field and into the DH spot. But, I do think it will be a problem if he wants a long term deal. The Yankees have too many long contracts and that will eventually lead to a team of a lot of old players. Hopefully he wants to play in New York, and the Yankees can get him for cheap.


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One comment

  1. thefreak

    I think the Yankees should put out the feelers to everyone. Just don’t throw away the farm to get him (or anyone). I don’t know if he’s a 20m a year guy. I don’t think I would go above 15m either. But then again, I’m not the yankees.

    The yankees have plenty of options out there. I’m hoping by Christmas we’ll know, but I have a funny feeling it might be longer

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