Chat or Chuck: Chein-Ming Wang

It’s about time we stop avoiding that fact that there needs to be a decision made on this guy. He was awful this season, and now the Yankees have to make a choice: Bring Wang back, or let him go. For most people, it’s a black and white choice. Let’s look at the options.

Latest News:
Wang has gotten interest from other teams, the strongest coming from the Dodgers. Wang said “I will try my best to secure a return to Major League Baseball, and my
first choice would be the Yankees though it would be okay for me to
pitch for any other MLB team.”

Player Profile:

Chein-Ming Wang.gifChein-Ming Wang
Age/Type FA: 29/Arbitration eligible
Career (5 seasons): (55-26) 4.16 ERA 310 SO
Best Season (2006): (19-6) 3.63 ERA 218.0 IP 76 SO

Why Chat?:

  • He led the league in wins in 2006.
  • He gave up the least homers in the league in ’06 and ’07.
  • He won 38 games in the course of two seasons.
  • He is young.
  • He was the Yankees ace for a long time and was one of the best in the game.
  • After an atrocious season, he will come at a dirt cheap price.

Why Chuck?:

  • He had a 9.64 ERA last season in 11 games (9 starts).
  • Ever since he broke his foot running home from third in Houston, he has fallen apart.
  • He is coming off elbow surgery.

Chat or Chuck?:
I understand how good he was for a long time, but he has seriously fallen completely apart. He was given every chance he needed last year, and there wasn’t even a sparkle of hope. Face it, Wang is no longer a good pitcher. I know he can come at a cheap price and will be a tiny investment, and I know that he can end up being a great pitcher with a great career, but this is the New York Yankees. This is where winning isn’t a goal, winning is a way of life. This is where anything short of excellence is unacceptable, and Wang falls short of that mark.


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Poll of the Day:
Should the Yankees offer Wang a contract?(polling)

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One comment

  1. thefreak

    On this one, we are going to agree to disagree. You can give everyone all the chances in the world to succeed. But if they are broke, ther are not going to. Sure that BMW looks good in your driveway, but when the engine is shot, the car is no good.

    Wang never succeeded last year because he was hurt. He didn’t try to take the easy way out and say “I can’t pitch today skip.” He took the ball and did what he had to do.

    Many pitchers come back from injuries and have successful carreers. Then again, many don’t. To me, Wang has erned himself an incentive driven one year contract. If it doesn’t work out, then you get rid of him.

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