Chat or Chuck: Andy Pettitte

It’s always though to talk about these kinds of players. The kinds of players who have been there the entire way. The players that have shown you undivided devotion and have given nothing but success. Andy Pettitte falls into that category. The Yankees will probably bring him back. But be careful, you don’t want to bring him back for the wrong reason.

12/5/09: NY Post reports that Andy Pettitte is at the top of the Yankees to-do-list this off season.

Player Profile:

Andy Pettitte.jpgAndy Pettitte
Age/Type FA: 37/B
2009 season: 14-8 4.16 ERA 194.2 IP 148 SO 1.382 WHIP
Career (15 seasons): 229-135 3.91 ERA 2926.1 IP 2150 SO 1.361 WHIP

Why Chat?:

  • He had a great season, going 14-6 with a 4.16 ERA.
  • His shoulder proved to no longer be a problem.
  • He powered the Yankees through the playoffs, winning every clinching game.
  • He is a smart pitcher that doesn’t rely on power, which has gone away with age.
  • He’s only 37, which, this day in age isn’t that old for a pitcher.
  • He’ll be pretty cheap, so if it doesn’t work out, it’s no big deal.

Why Chuck?:

  • The Yankees would probably be better off developing some younger pitching.
  • It might be nice to go out as a championship winner.

Chat or Chuck?:
Come on, Chat!
There’s only two chucks! Andy Pettitte is a great, great pitcher. This year, he proved that age will not be the demon of his career. The only thing you have ever had to worry about with Pettitte is his shoulder, which felt better this year (he says). If his shoulder felt good at 37, it will feel good at 38. Andy, lets take that mound for just one more season, and then you can walk like a true hero.


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One comment

  1. thefreak

    You have to bring Andy back. Not because he’s a baby bomber (who took a 3 year vacation with the Astros), but this guy is a work horse. He is good for one meltdown a year. (2 IP, 8 hits, 6 ER). Outside of that, you feel like you’re going to win everytime he’s on the mound.

    I’m all for developing yound talant. But look what they’ve done to Hugh, Joba and Kennedy. BESIDES! Young talant should be the 5th starter. You need the front 3 solid, the 4th good, and the 5th just less than good.

    Sign Pettitte, bring in another starter (unless Wang is healthy and pitching well) and lets get this season started.


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