Smart or Smack: Brian Bruney

The Yankees started out their 2009 winter meeting by dealing away relief pitcher Brian Bruney. Bruney will be shipped to the Nationals for a player to be named. I don’t think many people saw this coming. Was this smart? Lets take a look:


  • The Yankees avoid bringing Bruney to an arbitration hearing.
  • He is injury prone — or at least he was last year.


  • He had a 0.87 ERA in his first year with the Yankees.
  • He was absolutely dominating last year before he got hurt.
  • He had a 1.83 ERA in 2008.
  • He has lost a lot of weight and is improving.
  • The Yankees just flat out need him right now.
  • The Yankees can keep him cheaply.
  • They are only getting a player to be named. Doesn’t sound like much to me.

Smart or Smack?:
I’m not quite sure what the Yankees were thinking here. If there was one thing I wouldn’t have messed around with this year it would be the bullpen. When Bruney was in there and healthy, he was a HUGE part of that bullpen. With a short rotation at this point, the Yankees don’t know if they will need Hughes or Chamberlain to start. Now, they can’t start. Now this bullpen is thin. I understand he gets injured a lot, but right now you can’t mess around with this bullpen. Plus, if you have to trade him, at least get a good player for him. This guy had a 0.87 ERA! This isn’t some slack player, Bruney can make a difference. You better hope this “player to be named” is good, or the Yankees got robbed.


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  1. yankeeholics

    Hate to say it but I completely disagree with you. In return for Bruney, the Yanks are getting a Round 5 draft pick. Guess whos come out of the Round 5 draft before? Josh Hamilton. JohanSantana. If the Yanks are getting John Santana for Brian Bruney, I’ll be pretty happy. Plus, after his injury, Bruney was uneffective last year. What is to say that he’ll be any better this year? I think this is definitely the right move by the Yanks. BTW I too have a Yankee blog…check it out

  2. thefreak

    I think you’re over the top a little on this one. With him going, I’m guessing joba and/or Hughes is staying in the pen. You’ve got Aceves as long man. Coke and Marte as lefty specs. And the emergence of Robertson. Who did quite nicely in the playoffs. Is it a risk, of course. But bruney was all over the place, hurt of not. Yes, he’s a flame thower. But that means nothing if you can’t get it over the plate.


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