Smark or Smack: Andy Petttitte

It was pretty obvious that the Yankees were going to bring back the veteran lefty, Andy Pettitte, especially after the season he had. But, I don’t think many thought that it would be for the amount that it was. Good or bad? Lets see:


  • Although he is in his late 30’s, Pettitte has proved that age is no problem.
  • He said that his shoulder has felt fine all year. Thats the only thing you worry about with Pettitte.
  • He powered the Yankees to a championship, winning the clinching game of each series.
  • With this thin Yankee pitching staff, the Yankees need to take everything they can.


  • It cost the Yankees $11.75 million.

Smart or Smack?:
Yes, $11.75 mill is a lot. I don’t want to sound spoiled and say so what, but so what? The Yankees are rich out of their minds. The real important thing here is that the Yankees need pitching, and still need pitching even with Pettitte. It was pretty obvious this would happen. I hope this large numbered deal doesn’t pull the Yankees out of the race for a Holliday or a Bay, but when it comes to predictions, don’t even bother with the Yankees.


Poll of the Day:
Are you happy with the deal for Pettitte?(polls)


One comment

  1. thefreak

    I don’t even know why you did this one. Andy wa a no-brainer. After last years salary (with incentives), he only got a million dollar raise. Thats like 10 cents an hour more to you an me.

    Halladay? I’m not holding my breath. Once they Yankees said they were cutting salary, I counted Halladay out.

    As for Bay (or Holliday), that question should’ve been answered to you when they traded for Granderson.\


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