No Holliday? Good choice

So if everything goes according to plan, the Yankees will go into the 2010 season without Matt Holliday on the roster. To most, it’s a upsetting situation. In New York, we are used to the seeing the big time players, every time we see the chance.

But, if you take a look at a move that seems somewhat puzzling, you will see that the decision to hold off on Holliday, is in fact a genius move.

The Yankees won 103 games last year, beating out the Red Sox by eight games in the standings. Assume that Yankees lost five more games throughout the season. Still they would have won the division.

So the Yankees won games that were unnecessary. In other words, their team was better than it needed to be. So adding Holliday would seem somewhat overkill right? Yes. But then again, this isn’t the same team.

The Yankees had nine players with over 10 home runs last year. This year, three of those nine guys will be gone. So the question becomes: Do the Yankees have enough to win repeat?

Once again, yes. If you take away Wang — who lost the Yankees a good three or four games — assume A-Rod will be here for a full season, add Chamberlain to the bullpen, add Vazquez to the rotation, add Granderson to the mix, and add Johnson as your DH, the Yankees seem to be just as talented as last year.

But, you also have to assume that some things will go wrong. Possibly someone gets hurt, or maybe Jeter doesn’t have as good as a season as last year. Doesn’t matter. Like I said, the Yankees had so many more wins than they needed, that there is a lot of room for error, not to mention that things can go bad for Boston as well (they already lost Bay.)

But why is this a genius move? It would seem that adding Holliday couldn’t be a bad thing right? Wrong. Holliday was seeking a long term, big money deal. Sure, the Yankees could have afforded it. But, as we have already established, it would have been unnecessary money to spend. Instead, the Yankees now have that money saved up for a deal they may need to make in the future. Right now, the Yankees have plenty. In five years, they may not. In five years, this may seem like one of the best moves in Yankee history.


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