A few thoughts on Damon

I thought I would take a few moments to point out some interesting points on Damon. It looks at this point — and has for a while — that Damon will not be back in 2010. Boras has set his asking price a little to high for the Yankees.
Do you want Damon on the Yankees in 2010?(polls)
But here are a few reasons that I think you shouldn’t count out Damon returning to the Yankees.

  • Ken Davidoff of Newsday tweeted a couple of weeks ago, that Damon requested a two-year, $22M deal from the Yankees, which they declined. This was after Boras said that they wouldn’t take anything less than a three-year deal. The fact that Damon was willing to bring it down to two shows that he really wants to play for the Yankees.
  • No other teams have shown interest in Damon, yet.
  • One possible suitor a couple of weeks ago was the Giants, who signed Mark DeRosa to play left.
  • Another possible suitor was the Braves who got Melky in the trade for Vazquez.
  • All of the teams that showed any interest at all were from the National League. It’s very unlikey that a NL team will take him because there is no DH, and I doubt they will risk having Damon as their everyday left fielder.

So don’t count it out. It’s quite obvious that Damon really, really wants to play for the Yankees. They also may end up being the only choice for him. The only thing between Damon and the Yankees is Boras. If Boras backed down, Damon would be on the Yankees. There are only two ways Damon ends up on the Yankees: (a) Damon goes to the Yankees, alone, and works out a deal, or (b) Boras realizes that the Yankees are their only choice and takes a cheaper deal. But don’t expect (b) to happen until, very, very late.



  1. thebaseballguy

    I agree with you on those two ways Damon comes back. I think Damon should come back because he will fit right back into that left field spot.

  2. bklyntrolleyblogger

    Boras represents Xavier Nady too. If Players aren’t willing to excersize more control over him with regards to their own affairs, Boras will not sell out a client, in order to bolster his own machinations, not the players’ best interest. He makes his clients follow the money which is good for him because it protects an inflated market, but it makes these players a little apathetic, ya think?.. Players need to speak up a little more and just say…I want to play for “X” and that’s it – now go work out a deal. If that pipe dream ever played out, you’d see salaries come down a little.
    However, the last two years Boras has a lot more dents in his armour. When you consider the Union first, then agents, players’ interests are last on the list, in so far as the union and agents have an agenda. Selig will be gone soon and Fehr fled like Spiro Agnew. Let’s see what happens when it’s time to renegotiate a collective bargaining agreement. Boras I’m sure is thinking the same. (pipedreams)

  3. JQuist

    *I’m hoping Damon will return, but as mentioned, Boras is responisble for a lot of broken deals as well… If we see him go, you won’t see me sobbing. I’m on the Gardner rant right now… Check out my latest quip:


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