A-Rod vs Pujols

It’s a fascinating debate. The three time MVP against the three time MVP. Alex Rodriguez or Albert Pujols. It’s not even worth it to talk about which player you would rather have on your team, because both are incredible. But, a good question would be: When it’s all said and done, who will have had the better career? So, let’s answer it by looking at the home run totals of both of these players. Here is a graph showing the home runs totals by age for each of these players.

A-Rod vs Pujols.pngA-Rod had the head start. That in itself already gives you the idea that A-Rod is the more incredible player. Pujols came in at 21, like most great players. A-Rod came in at 18, like most historic, iconic players.

Pujols did get off to a quicker start though. In Pujols first season, he hit 37 home runs, quickly bringing his total to half of A-Rod’s, who had already been playing for three years.

For the next four seasons, Pujols kept pace with A-Rod. In fact, they both stayed at a somewhat constant rate.

The next season, though, A-Rod spiked up, and continued to do so, while Pujols stayed at the same rate.

Since A-Rod is older, we already know what he has done. He has continued to stay at the same rate after that spike around age 28.

So, if Pujols is going to catch A-Rod, his is not only going to need to keep up his own rate, but he’s going to need to throw in either a good 70 home run season, or a couple 50 home runs seasons. For a guy that has never hit 50 home runs in his career, that’s going to be tough to do. So, to all of the people who say that Pujols will pass A-Rod, you better hope he’s got a record breaking season in him.

Here is a table comparing both players:

A-Rod vs Pujols Stats.pngThe choice is yours, who’s the better player? Keep in mind that Pujols is in a much weaker division than A-Rod is in, so he faces worse pitchers. But also remember that Pujols is in a much weaker line-up, so he gets pitched around more than A-Rod does. And most importantly, A-Rod has done this for seven more seasons, it’s not a sure thing that Pujols can keep this up for as long as A-Rod has.

Poll of the Day:
Who will end up with the better career?(polls)

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  1. ortaout85

    AROD is an admitted user of steroids after he was caught. We don’t know how this affected his HR totals but we know it had big impact. I don’t think it’s a fair comparrison at all.

  2. geraldderec@gmail.com

    I think the large difference in the career high batting average is by far the most important offensive stat in the comparison of these 2 guys. Home runs are for roid-heads. I’d take Pujols any day of the week! (obv clean roid record is a + too)
    -Jerry, goldenrule.com

  3. 500fans@yahoo.com.tw

    I can’t believe that there are people using nonsense title to compare players.
    first don’t mention A-Rod using steroids
    just comparing:
    (these stats come from Baseball-Refernce,active players)

    a)Rank Player (age) WAR Position Players Bats
    1. Alex Rodriguez (34) 101.90 R 17seasons
    2. Albert Pujols (30) 83.80 R 10seasons

    b)Rank Player (age) Adjusted OPS+ Bats
    1. Albert Pujols (30) 172 R
    2. Manny Ramirez (38) 155 R
    3. Jim Thome (39) 147 L
    4. Lance Berkman (34) 145 B
    Miguel Cabrera (27) 145 R
    Alex Rodriguez (34) 145 R

    A-Rod is #1 in active players at WAR rank
    by his early dubut in MLB and lasting for 17 seasons

    but avg/ the speed of accumulating WAR; and OPS+
    shows Pujols is the best player of decade( ok maybe some people will argue with Barry Bonds),
    the face is : Albert Pujols is MDE in MLB since he play in MLB,
    A-rod is not even in the same level with Albert Pujols.

    now, you wanna talk about steroids?

  4. sidkof@gmail.com

    I have not paid much attention to this, and do not consider this support A-Rod, but I think it is worth mentioning that 1B is a little deeper than 3B (especially with Miggy and Braun presumably no longer eligible in the third) , which tips the scales a bit in favor of A-Rod.

    Nathan, I have to disagree with you on a couple of fronts.

    I can not believe you’re questioning public Pujols. He just had the best season of his career, and is serious doubt that he is no longer in his prime?

    Secondly, there was a risk of injury to enter last year, was wounded ALL YEAR, and still had the best season of his career and played 148 games. Now that you’ve had a season to let his shoulder heal. And since when players become “due” for a serious injury after an average of more than 150 games a year? Why A-Rod is not because of one?

    I agree that A-Rod is a better option in the SB, but I’m not sure that his lead in runs and RBIs is as clear as you think it is. Take a look at the numbers, their average of 162 games in R and RBI are almost identical. recados para orkut

  5. alex.join@gmail.com

    I have not paid much attention to this, and do not consider this support A-Rod, but I think it is worth mentioning that 1B is a little deeper than 3B (especially with Miggy and Braun presumably no longer eligible in the third) , which tips the scales a bit in favor of A-Rod. Best regards, Alex Sanches, CEO of movies online

  6. mathew4513@gmail.com

    I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Any way I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon.

  7. mathew4513@gmail.com

    I don’t think any of these commentors are Bobby. Yeah, Jura, I agree and thanks for the comment. Basically, this is just part of the greater overall “man behind the curtain” that you could call the Illuminati. And that’s what the name of this website is essentially about.

  8. zagam2@gmail.com

    I´ll say A-Rod. Fact is, he´s past his prime and Pujols is still on top. Many would say Albert is better iphone background, cause they have kindda forgot how goos A-Rod was/is.

    I´ll say A-Rod is better as a field player and both are very powerful (i believe Pujols is slightly stronger). A-Rod has more HRs by far iphone apps reviews (and after both retire he´ll be ahead), but Pujols has better batting average. Regards 🙂

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