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The Buzz: Damon first priority

Damon 11:22.pngKen Davidoff of Newsday is reporting that the Yankees main concern at this point is to come to terms with Damon, not Matsui. He also added that a deal with Pettitte should come.

Damon’s agent, Scott Boras, is seeking a four year deal, while the Yankees are seeking, at most, a two year deal. Damon would love to come out of it with at least an option for a third year.

The Giants and Cardinals could also give some attention to Damon. But it is unlikely that any team will commit to two years with the 36 year old Damon, who’s stolen bases were way down this season from last season.

Damon is the clear better choice than Matsui. With the numbers Damon put up last year, he showed us that there is no sign that he is slowing down, and if there is a sign at all, it’s that he is getting even better. He gives the Yankees the option of playing the field, which Matsui does not. He could also slip into the DH spot if need be. Bottom line, Johnny Damon is a Yankee, and he should go nowhere.


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The New York Meter Results

Here are the results to the first New York Meter of the off season. Thanks to all who voted!

Should the Yankees resign Matsui?
Yes 0% (0 votes)
No 100% (3 votes)
My Vote: No

Yes, he was the World Series MVP, and nobody doubts that Matsui is a great, great hitter. But his knees have handcuffed his ability, and this day in age, a player that can’t play the field is a bit of a liability on a 25 man roster no matter how good of a hitter he is. You need every bit of talent you can get to win this game these days, and a player that can’t play the field just isn’t good enough.

Should the Yankees resign Damon?
Yes 75% (3 votes)
No 25% (1 vote)
My Vote: Yes

The 37 year old has shown zero signs of slowing down. The new Yankee Stadium has played right into his strengths, and may be a great reason to bring him back. His 24 home runs this year tied a career high. Unlike Matsui, Damon can still play the outfield — quite well he proved this year — and if needed, can still fall back on the DH.

Should the Yankees resign Pettitte?
Yes 100% (4 votes)
No 0% (0 votes)
My Vote: Yes

It was the same debate last year, and was a very questionable signing in the end. This year, it seems pretty obvious that the Yankees should bring him back. He won every clinching game for the Yankees in the postseason, and was a HUGE part of this championship. Pettitte should come at a cheap price with huge rewards for a 3rd or 4th starter.

What should the Yankees do about their backup catcher?
Resign Molina 20% (1 vote)
Go with Cervelli 80% (4 votes)
My Vote: Go with Cervelli

This may end up being a long, tough decision for the Yankees. With Molina, the Yankees get a great defensive catcher, but a terrible hitter. With Cervelli, the Yankees get a younger, more athletic player who is a much better hitter. Tough choice for the Yankees, but getting younger always seems to be the better choice, no matter what.

What position do the Yankees most need to fill in the offseason?
Left field 0% (0 votes)
Right field 0% (0 votes)
Starting pitcher 100% (4 votes)
Relief Pitcher 0% (0 votes)
Center field 0% (0 votes)
Catcher 0% (0 votes)
Other 0% (0 votes)
My Vote: Starting pitcher

Starting pitcher wins by a landslide. The biggest question marks remain in left field and right field, but if the Yankees will compete, they are going to need another starter. I have talked about Lackey, and I hope it will happen. But, either way, the point is that the Yankees will need something to go with CC, A.J., and maybe Pettitte. At most, the Yankees have 3 starters at the moment (assuming Joba doesn’t start PLEASE!).  They need someone else.


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And the Yankees are World Champions!

’09 Yanks nab 27th World Championship.

World Series Champs.pngOn December 12th, 2008, A.J. Burnett signed an $82.5 million contract with the Yankees. I sent an email to my dad who as at work with the link to the article on the signing. My dad replied by saying, “don’t count your chickens until the eggs hatch.”

327 days and 28 million seconds later, the Yankees passed around their 27th World Series trophy, for the first time in nine years. From CC’s horrible start on opening day, to A-Rod’s walk off in the fifteenth inning against the Red Sox, the Yankees have climbed every mountain, jumped every hurdle and now stand atop every team in Major League Baseball.

“You realize how difficult it is to get here,” Yankees captain Derek
Jeter said. “I never lost sight of the fact that it’s very difficult to
get to the World Series, let alone to win one. You realize and remember
how hard it is.”

Yanks Celebrate.jpgIn his potential final game as a Yankee, Hideki Matsui tied a World Series record with six RBI’s in a game, sealing up his World Series MVP honors.

“This is what the Steinbrenner family has strived for, year after year
— to deliver to the city of New York,” Yankees manager Joe Girardi
said. “To be able to deliver this to the Boss, the stadium that he
created and the atmosphere around here, it’s very gratifying to all of

Probably most gratifying to Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez. The king of
baseball has now sealed his resume. Alex Rodriguez has now won a
championship and is now the true champion that we all know him to be.

Andy Pettitte stepped up big for the Yankees on three days rest, and in possibly his final game in pinstripes, helped get his sixth ring.

“This is what you set out to do when you go to Spring Training,”
Pettitte said. “It’s a great feeling to be able to accomplish with the
rest of the team. This is what you play for.”


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Thank you, Andy

Pettitte 11:4.jpgAs Andy Pettitte walked off the mound in World Series game 6, the crowd serenaded him with epic cheers, showing their appreciation for this mans determination and dedication for the past 15 seasons. The 37 year old took a seat in the dugout, with the anticipation of his careers end in near sight.

In his final start of the ’09 season, he pitched 5.2 innings of 3 run, 5 hit ball, walking 5 and striking out 3. In his long passionate career with the Yankees, the two time all-star won 192 games, struck out 148 batters and won 5 championships, with number 6 in his near hopes.

Not to say Pettitte couldn’t resign next year, in fact, there is a good chance he will. But, if today was his final start, I would like share my, along with this entire cities appreciaition for everything he has accomplished on this team. Thank you, Andy Pettitte.


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The rest debate does not rest

Pettitte to start game 6 on 3 days rest.

Pettitte 11:3.pngAndy Pettitte gets the nod tomorrow in game 6 and will be pitching on 3 days rest for the first time since 2006. That starts the debate. We started hearing about it yesterday, and we haven’t stopped hearing about it since: The ineffectiveness of starters on 3 days rest.

Starters in the World Series on 3 days rest are 12-36 in the last 48 decisions. I’ve been watching Mike Francesa a lot today, and he has brought up that number about 50 times.

Here’s my counter. In 2009, starters have a lower ERA on 3 days rest then on 4 days, 5 days and 6 days rest. In the last 10 World Series starts on 3 days rest, 6 of them have been quality starts, including 6 starts with less than 2 runs allowed, a complete game, an average of 6.1 innings pitched per start, and an ERA 3.73. Those numbers are not to bad at all.

So, you can go with the recent history or you can go with the information used by the critics that dates back to the 80’s when the game was completely different.

Not to mention that of the last 10 World Series starts on 3 days rest, two of them were tomorrows starter, Andy Pettitte. In those 2 starts, he pitched 17 innings and gave up ZERO runs. So, all of the sudden, the stats are completely in Petttittes favor tomorrow.

But, of course, Mike Francesa had a counter argument for that. He pointed out that both of those Pettitte starts were a long time ago, 6 and 13 years respectively. Mike said that Andy is an older man now and is not the same pitcher.

Okay, so lets look at the older pitchers on 3 days rest. Lets look at pitchers of the same age as Pettitte (37), on 3 days rest in the World Series. It has been done 4 times. They combine for a 3-1 record, 3 complete games, 2 complete game shutouts and a 2.90 ERA.

If you look at the relevant stats, not the ones that are convienient for the Yankee haters, then you realize that Pettitte realy has the advantage going on 3 days rest. I don’t know how much these stats can tell us, but if the critics claim their stats will predict something, then I’ll claim mine will to, and these stats give Pettitte the advantage.


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Phlying back to NY

Series resumes Wednesday in New York with Yanks up 3-2.

Burnett 11:3.png

The Yankees and Phillies are back in New York and will take their workouts today at the Stadium.
As if the Yankee loss in game 5 wouldn’t cause enough uproar among Yankee fans, there is also the Burnett debate smeared over it. 
Girardi has made some questionable moves at times, but seriously, in any baseball game, who would you rather have on the mound, Burnett or Gaudin? There was no way that Girardi was going to tell this huge offseason investment to miss out on the clinching game.
Burnett going on short rest also sets up Pettitte — with the most postseason wins of all time — to pitch the clinching game in New York against Pedro Martinez. That situation doesn’t sound to bad to me. Not to mention you have CC to fall back on in game 7, just like the ALCS.
Pettitte on short rest has a 4.15 ERA in his career and hasn’t done it since he was an Astro in 2006. Forget the numbers, Pettitte has pitched in the postseason more than any other pitcher in the history of the game, I don’t think we have to worry about anything.
For those of you playing flashbacks of 2004 over and over in your head, let me calm you down. The Yankees led the league with a .704 winning percentage at home. They outscored opponents by 101 runs and hit 136 homers in their new park.
And another thing, for all of the chaos and commotion taking place in New York over this game 5 loss, let me tell you something. The Yankees went into the defending champions home and beat them 2 out of 3. The only pitcher they have lost to is the Phillies best and the Yankees have a chance to clinch in their new home with the most experienced pitcher in the world on the mound. What are you complaining about?
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Yanks scare off Phils with Halloween victory

Yanks take 2-1 lead in Philli opener.

Halloween Sign.png

Eight years ago today, Derek Jeter lined a ball into the right field stands in Yankee Stadium, winning the game for the Yankees in game four of the World Series. That was the first ever hit in November baseball.
Today, the Yankees continued their Halloween success. Going into the night, the series was tied 1-1 after the first two games took place in New York. After an hour and a half delay due to rain, both teams took the field for the third match-up of this World Series. 
The Phillies struck first in the second inning. A Jason Werth homer, an RBI walk and a sac fly gave the Phillies a quick 3-0 lead. 
The Yankees struck back in the fourth. A-Rod hit a two run homer that included the first overturned home run in World Series history. It was also A-Rod’s first World Series hit in his career.
Cole Hamels started out very strong. But that didn’t last long. He ended the game going 4.1 innings, giving up 5 runs. Those are the same exact numbers he put up the last time he faced the Yankees. 
On the other side, despite a rocky second inning, Pettitte was very strong. He struck out seven batters in 6 innings pitched. He was backed by a perfect bullpen, despite a home run allowed by Phil Hughes who struggles to find a groove this postseason.
Jason Werth added a second homer later on in the game. That is the second time this series that a Philly player has had two homers in a game.
Andy Pettitte also made the highlight reel, recording the first Yankee RBI in a World Series game by a pitcher since Jim Bouton did it in 1964. 
Another big moment came in the eighth inning when Matsui came in to pinch hit and hit a home run. The last Yankee to do that was Jason Giambi in the 2003 WS against the Marlins.
A lot of big moments in this game, all ending in an 8-5 victory for the Yankees. They lead 2-1 going into game four, which is the same situation they faced in the ALCS. I think we would all accept they same outcome.
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