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The Buzz: ‘Zero’ chance for Holliday

Johnson 12:29.pngA Yankee official told the NY Daily News that there is “Zero” chance of them signing Matt Holliday or Jason Bay.

“No chance on Matt Holliday, no chance on Jason Bay,” the official said. “Zero. None. Underline it.”

The newspaper also said that the Yankees are looking to guys like Jerry Hairston Jr. or Reed Johnson to fill the void in left field, while still considering the idea of Gardner as the full time left fielder.

The Yankees are clearly not inspired by this years free agents and are likely to make a splash in next years market, maybe by pursuing Carl Crawford, says the Daily News.

To me this is a big mistake. Holliday is a great, great player and there is no reason to wait out for a worse player in Crawford who is also likely to seek a long term deal. Holliday has said he wants to play in New York, so there is a good chance they can get him cheaper than what he seems to want.

As for Hairston and Reed, do they really think these guys can make a difference? Are the Yankees really considering defending their 27th title by putting Hairston, Johnson, or Gardner as their everyday left fielder? Big mistake.

I still don’t know about this. It surprises me that the Yankees are prepared to have that weak of a left fielder. I would still be very surprised if the Yankees don’t target some kind of big time left fielder. I don’t care what the official said, I’m still not convinced.


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The Buzz: Yanks may wait for Crawford

Crawford 11:27.pngFoxSports.com reported a couple of days ago that the Yankees may pass on Matt Holliday and Jason Bay this off season, in order to pursue Rays OF Carl Crawford next off season.

Crawford will be 30 next off season. Crawford had 60 stolen bases this season, and has led the Majors in that category in four seasons. He has hit over .300 in four of his past five seasons.

This is a bad idea in my mind. Compared to Holliday, Crawford is just faster. Holliday has a much higher batting average, and much higher power numbers.

The essential truth here is that the Yankees need an outfielder right now. Holliday and Bay are not just free agents to look at, they are free agents that they actually need. The fact that they are defending champs should not alter their aggressiveness. If there is one thing that has made this team so successful, it’s their ambition to improve each and every year. Not the year after. ⧠


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