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The New York Yankees: 2000’s

Best Moment: 2001 WS vs Diamondbacks: Derek Jeter becomes “Mr. November”

Derek Jeter earned his pinstripes by walking off against the Diamondbacks in the 2001 world series with a home run over the right field wall. Still one of the most iconic scenes in Yankee history.

Honorable mention: Aaron Boone walk-off home run in Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS vs Boston.

Worst Moment:
2004 ALCS vs Red Sox: Damon’s Grand Slam

johnny-damon-hitting-grand-slam-game-7--alcs-┬ęphotofile.jpgFuture Yankees, Johnny Damon, stuns an already disgusting series for the Yankees. A 3-0 game lead in the ALCS was soon to be diminished with one swing.

Honorable mention: Rivera throws potential double play ball into center field in the bottom of the ninth in game 7 of the 2001 WS.

Best Game: 7/1/04 vs Red Sox: “The greatest game you will ever see”

John F.png

A back and forth game that lasted well into the night was ended by pinch hitter, John Flaherty. A ground rule double over the left field wall was ruled a single because he never touched second base. The game also included the famous dive into the stands by Derek Jeter.

Honorable mention: 8/7/09: A-Rod walk-off home run in scoreless, 15 inning affair vs Red Sox.

Worst Game: 2001 WS vs Diamondbacks: Luis Gonzalez blooper

A story book series and a near comeback win for the Yankees was gone with the wind after Luis Gonzalez blooped a walk off single over the drawn in infield. Had the infield played back, the Yankees would have 28 world championships.

Honorable mention: 4/25/09: Yankees blow huge lead vs Red Sox.

Biggest Bust: Carl Pavano comes to the Yankees, but doesn’t pitch

Pavano Sucks.pngHe just sucked.

Honorable mention: Chein-Ming Wang collapses in 2009 season.

Best play: 2001 ALDS vs A’s: The Jeter “flip play”

“One of the best plays you will ever see by a shortstop.” Jeter steals away an A’s run with an amazing flip to catcher Jorge Posada, keeping the game tied.

Honorable mention: 7/1/04: Jeter dives into the stands.

Team of the decade:
1B: Mark Teixeira
2B: Alfonso Soriano
3B: Alex Rodriguez
SS: Derek Jeter
LF: Johnny Damon
CF: Bernie Williams
RF: Paul O’Neil
C: Jorge Posada
SP: Andy Pettitte
RP: Mariano Rivera
Manager: Joe Torre

Yankees leaders of the decade:
Most Games: Derek Jeter (1500)
Most Home Runs: Alex Rodriguez (238)
Most Hits: Derek Jeter (1940)
Most Walks: Jorge Posada (707)
Most Wins: Mike Mussina (123)
Most Saves: Mariano Rivera (397)
Most Strikeouts: Mike Mussina (1278)
Most Pitches: Mike Mussina (24120)

ALDS Game 3 Preview

Thumbnail image for Yankees Logo Special.jpg2009 ALDS.gifThumbnail image for Twins Logo Special.jpg
NYY Leads ALDS 2-0
Yankees Probable Pitcher:

Andy Pettitte.jpg
Andy Pettitte
#46 LHP
(14-8) 4.16 ERA 194.2 IP 1.95 SO/BB
Postseason Career: (14-9) 3.96 ERA 2.32 SO/BB
Away (Season): (8-4) 3.71 ERA 2.00 SO/BB
Vs. Twins (Season): (1-0) 5.40 ERA 3.00 SO/BB
Opposing Hitters (Twins):
Most PA: Brenden Harris (17)
Best BA: Mike Redmond (.667, 2 for 3)
Most H: Delmon Young (9)
Most HR: Orlando Cabrera, Michael Cuddyer, Joe Mauer (1)
Twins Probable Pitcher:

Carl Pavano.jpg
Carl Pavano
#48 RHP
(14-10) 5.10 ERA 199.1 IP 3.77 SO/BB
Postseason Career: (2-0) 1.40 ERA 5.00 SO/BB
Home (Season): (5-5) 4.97 ERA 4.29 SO/BB
Vs. Yankees (Season): (0-0) 2.70 ERA 8.00 SO/BB
Opposing Hitters:
Most PA: Johnny Damon (13)
Best BA: Johnny Damon (.417, 5 for 12)
Most H: Johnny Damon (5)
Most HR: Mark Teixeira (1)
Notable Stat: Career w/ Yankees: 26 GS, 5.00 ERA
Keys to the Game:
  1. Swing Early: In the regular season, opposing hitters hit .370 on the first pitch from Pavano.
  2. Get the Leadoff Man On: Leading off an inning, opposing batters are hitting .297 off Pavano.
  3. Get ’em In: Opposing batters are hitting .311 off Pavano with RISP.
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