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Yankee wishlist

The holidays are approaching, so I think it’s a good time to put together a wish list. For the Yankees, of course.

  • Resist the urge to sign Hideki Matsui. I’ve said it before, his knees make him useless. I really don’t like having a player sit on the bench and clog up that DH spot considering their are other fielding capable players on the Yankees who will need that DH every once and a while.
  • Sign Damon to a two-year deal. It will be tough to do considering Scott Boras is pushing for Jeter-like numbers (yeah right!). Damon showed last year that he is doing anything but decining and is probably on the incline. He had way better power numbers and looked better in the outfield.
  • Keep your top prospects. That means no trading for Halladay and no trading for Granderson. I can’t tell you how horrible it would be for me to see the future of the Yankees deteriorate without even giving it a chance.
  • Sign Bay or Holliday. The Yankees are going to need one of these guys, but certainly not both. They are both great players and can both fill a spot on this team.
  • Sign a starting pitcher. I don’t care if its Lackey, I dont care if it’s Bedard, I don’t care who it is. The Yankees are going to need a starting pitcher no matter what. CC and AJ are the only sure ones right now, and that is not enough.
  • Resign Pettitte. Age has proved to be an obstacle that he can overcome. He powered them through the playoffs and to a championship. The Yankees need starters anywhere they can get them. Pettitte will be cheap and will pay huge dividends.
  • Keep Joba in the bullpen. Alright, I’ll admit it. He wasn’t that good when he pitched out of the ‘pen in the playoffs. But, please don’t tell me you can tolerate another year of him starting. I certainly can’t.
  • Give Robertson more of a chance. Robertson had few tough outings during the year and was pure dominant in the playoffs. He escaped the toughest of jams that without a doubt helped the Yankees win it all. You want to make this team stronger, make Robertson a regular out of that ‘pen.
  • To MLB: Expand replay. For all that was made of all the bad calls in the playoffs, I’ll give them that none of them made a huge difference (although Mauers “foul ball” probably would have). But one thing is for certain: in the next 100 World Series, there will be a missed call that changes the outcome of the series. I would hate to see that happen knowing that MLB passed up on it.

That’s what I want. What do you want?


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The Buzz: Selig to step down

Selig 11:29.jpgIt has been no secret now for a long time that Selig planed to step down once his contract is up after 2012. But the commissioner reportedly made those plans even clearer when he announced it to a group of reporters.

The Chicago Tribune cited sources that said they sent five owners to approach Selig with questions about his future as the commissioner. He told them that he indeed plans to step down because he wants to do other things. Among which are writing a book and teaching.

If there is one thing I will remember about Selig’s era, it will not be the record breaking revenues or the revolutionary drug tests. It will be his surprising lack of desire to expand instant replay, which to me, is the foundation for this games future.


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The Pulse

New segment “The Pulse” looks at comments and information from various sources and I give my comments on it.

Tweet @ridor9th: @markgobble @thebamoor @tegiansanti think NBA should retire #23 just like MLB did with Jackie Robinson’s #42?

Jackie Robinson was not only a monumental figure in baseball, but also in American history. He broke the color barrier in the game and played a huge role in civil rights. Michael Jordan made some shots, that’s it.

Tweet @sovereign0715: @SportsNation – who wins 2010 pennant/rivalry
yankees/red soxs/angles
dodgers/cardinals/white soxs

Obviously this question was not intended for me, but I will answer anyway. In the first one, the Yankees are the obvious choice. They would be going up against two deflated teams. Angels are also losing Vlad and the Red Sox are just getting older and older. The Phillies are the favorite it the second, because they are just a mile better than both put together. Then, you have the last one. It is interesting. The Dodgers are all down hill to me. The Cardinals made it this season with two miracle pitching performances from Wainwright and Carpenter. With losing Holliday in there, the Cards are a big question. The White Sox just aren’t very good. So of all of them, I’m going with Joe Torre and the Dodgers.

Blogged The Baseball Nerd: Within eighteen months there will be a video replay rulebook issued to
every ump and manager and included in every media guide. You watch.

Keith Olbermann argues that MLB never stays true to their word and always does the things they say they will never do. In this case, it’s instant replay. I’ll make this simple. The umps were atrocious in the postseason. Now that technology is so advanced and will continue to grow, fans will get more and more fed up with the Umps. Eventually, MLB will need instant replay.

Blogged A Bite Off The Big Apple: 80% of you would not give up Austin Jackson in a deal for Curtis Granderson.

I agree with all of you. Grandersons stats have pretty much all fell this year except for home runs. The Yankees are in way desparate for a center fielder. Jackson has been their top prospect for a long, long time. He’s young and has a lot of potential. Let’s give him a chance, at least.

No reason not to have replay

“I’m worried about the pitchers walking around the mound, we are very worried about the pace of out game.”

Bud Selig

In the end, a game will not be decided because the pace of the game was interrupted. But, it wll indefinitely be decided by a blown call. In the end, we need to get the call right. The “pace of the game” should not be more important than getting the call right.

Plus, the pace of the game is not even effected. What does affect the pace of the game is when the manager comes onto the field screaming at the umpire, then the umps getting together and talking about it, still with the possibility of getting it wrong. That is what affects the pace of the game.

So what’s the solution. Simple. Have one more umpire sitting in the press box watching some feed of the game (whatever feed MLB chooses to use). If the umps know they need help, they simply get on the radio and ask the guy in the press box. And boom, the call is right. It will be quicker and more accurate.

Think of it this way. As fans watching on TV, we know the correct call within seconds of the play. The umps have no idea, so we have to wait while they find out. If someone was watching a slow motion close up in the press box, we will get the call quicker and it will be right almost 100% of the time.

To me, Buds just stubborn. He is afraid to change. Tell you what. We have an African American president, a women just ran for president, technology is more advanced than it has ever been. Things are changing, and there is no reason to stay behind. The technology and ability to do things right is there, so use it.


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