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NY Note #4

Retired Numbers.JPGAfter Jeter, what current Yankee has the best shot at seeing his number retired?  Given how his time in the Bronx has been riddled with controversy, would A-Rod even have a shot?

Jeffery Lung
Chicago, IL

Interesting question, Jeff. With all the free agent talks and trade talks that the Yankees are always involved in, very seldom do we get to step back and speak about the legends. Your right, Jeter is a given. But who else?

When a first saw this question, I thought about the core four. Jeter, Rivera, Posada and Pettitte. Jeter’s in. Rivera — who’s number is already retired for Jackie Robinson — is in as well. As for Posada, I don’t think he has a real Yankee legacy like Rivera and Jeter. Pettitte, though, with all of those domianant years, does deserve it. Although I doubt that will happen.

Who else? Well, you have to think about the Yankees that will be around forever, guys who the Yankees would never let go. To me, those are Phil Hughes, Joba Chamberlain and Robinson Cano. Of those, I think Cano will do it. He is an MVP type player, and there is no doubt in my mind that he will win multiple batting titles. Hughes and Chamberlain are iffy.

Then A-Rod. I say no. To me, it won’t be the controversy that will keep A-Rod’s number out, it will be the fact that his greatness had already been defined when he came to the Yankees. For that reason, the number 13 on pinstripes isn’t so iconic. Free agents that come to the Yankees don’t leave behind the legacy that the lifetimes do, like a Jeter or a Pettitte. But it’s still possible. Think of other free agents that came to the Yankees. Reggie Jackson and Babe Ruth both didn’t start with the Yankees and both had their numbers retired. But, then again, A-Rods no Babe. Jeffery Lung is a writer for Red State Blue State

— NYColeman


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Tweet @ridor9th: @markgobble @thebamoor @tegiansanti think NBA should retire #23 just like MLB did with Jackie Robinson’s #42?

Jackie Robinson was not only a monumental figure in baseball, but also in American history. He broke the color barrier in the game and played a huge role in civil rights. Michael Jordan made some shots, that’s it.

Tweet @sovereign0715: @SportsNation – who wins 2010 pennant/rivalry
yankees/red soxs/angles
dodgers/cardinals/white soxs

Obviously this question was not intended for me, but I will answer anyway. In the first one, the Yankees are the obvious choice. They would be going up against two deflated teams. Angels are also losing Vlad and the Red Sox are just getting older and older. The Phillies are the favorite it the second, because they are just a mile better than both put together. Then, you have the last one. It is interesting. The Dodgers are all down hill to me. The Cardinals made it this season with two miracle pitching performances from Wainwright and Carpenter. With losing Holliday in there, the Cards are a big question. The White Sox just aren’t very good. So of all of them, I’m going with Joe Torre and the Dodgers.

Blogged The Baseball Nerd: Within eighteen months there will be a video replay rulebook issued to
every ump and manager and included in every media guide. You watch.

Keith Olbermann argues that MLB never stays true to their word and always does the things they say they will never do. In this case, it’s instant replay. I’ll make this simple. The umps were atrocious in the postseason. Now that technology is so advanced and will continue to grow, fans will get more and more fed up with the Umps. Eventually, MLB will need instant replay.

Blogged A Bite Off The Big Apple: 80% of you would not give up Austin Jackson in a deal for Curtis Granderson.

I agree with all of you. Grandersons stats have pretty much all fell this year except for home runs. The Yankees are in way desparate for a center fielder. Jackson has been their top prospect for a long, long time. He’s young and has a lot of potential. Let’s give him a chance, at least.