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Yankees give thanks

A table of Yankees got together for Thanksgiving. They went around the table saying what they were thankful for. Here’s what they said:

Alex Rodriguez.gif
is thankful for Kate Hudson. And Luis Castillo for dropping that pop up.

Derek Jeter.gif
is thankful for Lou Gehrig’s career being cut short, giving him the chance to break his all time Yankee hits record.

Joe Girardi.gif
is thankful for championship number 27. Had the Yankees not won this championship, his job would be in serious danger.

Joba Chamberlain.gif
is thankful for the Yankees didn’t just send him down to the minors. His 4.75 ERA was rough to watch all the way through.

Chein-Ming Wang.gif
is thankful that the Yankees have a disgusting amount of money, making it remotely possible that they will offer him a contract, after having an ERA over 9.

Nick Swisher.gif
is thankful for Xavier Nady’s injury. He’s also thankful for his wit, which has made his atrocious defense and lack of postseason production, almost tolerable.

Jorge Posada.gif
is thankful that MLB didn’t fine him an amount that actually matters to him for his fight with Jesse Carlson of the Blue Jays.

Hideki Matsui.gif
is thankful for his record breaking RBI total in the final game of the World Series. That may be a great ending to his Yankee career.

I am thankful for…

All of my readers that make writing this blog all worth while. And, of course, #27! Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

What are you thankful for?
Write a comment on this entry saying what you are thankful for this thanksgiving. Help spread the holiday spirit!


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Chat or Chuck: Matt Holliday

Hes the one we have all heard about. The most prized possession of the 2009-2010 off season. After a shaky ending in his time in St. Louis, Holliday is up in the air and ready to sign a big long term deal.

Player Profile:

Matt Holliday.gif Matt Holliday
Age/Type FA: 29/A
Career (6 Seasons): .318 BA .933 OPS 152 HR 1030 H
Best Season (2007): .340 BA 216 H 137 RBI

Why Chat?:

  • He led the league in hits, batting average, RBI’s, and doubles in 2007.
  • He will only be 30 years old at the beginning of next season.
  • He is consistent, hitting over .300 in his past five seasons.
  • The Yankees need an outfielder with the absence of Damon and/or Matsui.
  • He wants to play on the east coast.
  • He has experience in the postseason, including the world series.

Why Chuck?:

  • He is a type A free agent and the Yankees will need to give up high draft picks again.
  • He won’t be cheap and will demand a long term contract.

Chat or Chuck?:
This is the guy the Yankees need. This is the guy that can make the difference. Lets face it, Damon and Matsui will not be on the Yankees together next year, and the Yankees need to fill that hole. Holliday will make this team younger, and can be part of a core that will become a dynasty. The combination of Holliday, Teixeira, A-Rod, Sabathia, Chamberlain, Hughes, Cano, Burnett, and Cabrera looks nice for the next five years.

The Yankees have made it clear that there first priority is a starting pitcher. Having said that, the Yankees will go aggresivley after someone to fill that spot and will then come aggressively after Holliday later in the off season, with a big, long term deal.


Poll of the Day:
What should the Yankees do about Holliday?(surveys)

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2009 Yankees Season Awards Ceremony

Here they are, as voted on by you, the fans, your 2009 YANKEES SEASON AWARDS!!!

Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter MVP.jpg
One of Jeters best years of his career came this year. Highlighted, of course, by his record breaking hit, passing him by Lou Gehrig on the all-time Yankees hits list. Derek is a sure candidate for the AL MVP with 212 hits (2nd in the AL), a .334 batting average (3rd in the AL) and a stellar year at short stop. Congratulations Derek Jeter on your 2009 season award!
Other nominees: Mark Teixeira, C.C. Sabathia, A.J. Burnett, Johnny Damon

C.C. Sabathia

Sabathia Award.jpg
After signing a record breaking contract with the Yankees in the 2008 off season, Sabathia has stepped up big for this franchise. Sabathia’s 19 wins rank 1st in the Majors, his 3.37 ERA ranks 4th in the Majors and his 1.15 WHIP ranks 4th in the AL. Sabathia is an overwhelming candidate for the 2009 AL Cy Young award. Congratulations C.C. Sabathia on your 2009 season award!
Other nominees: A.J. Burnett, Andy Pettitte, Joba Chamberlain

A-Rod and Yanks Walk Off In 15 Inning Affair Against BOS

A-Rod Award.jpg
Possibly one of the best games of 2009 in all of the Major Leagues. A 0-0 game going into the 15th inning against the Red Sox ended with a 2-run, walk off home run by Alex Rodriguez. Of the 15 walk off of the season, this one, I think we can all agree, was the sweetest. The Yankees went on to sweep the Red Sox in that four game set. Congratulations Alex Rodriguez on your 2009 season award!
Other nominees: Luis Castillo drops pop-up, A-Rod returns off DL with home run, Melky walk off against MIN
A.J.’s One Hit Shut Out (6/27 vs NYM)

Burnett Award.jpg
As a part of a sweep in the Yankees first trip to Citi Field, A.J. contributed by throwing a 7.0 inning, one hit shut out, while striking out 10 Mets. Congratulations A.J. Burnett on your 2009 season award!
Other nominees: Andy throws 6.2 perfect innings (8/31 vs BAL), A.J. shuts out BOS for 7.2 (8/7 vs BOS), C.C. CG SHO (5/8 vs BAL), C.C. shuts out BOS for 7.2 (8/8 vs BOS)
Robinson Cano

Cano Award.jpg
Cano’s turn around has been a huge part of this Yankee surge. Going from a .271 batting average, 162 hits and 14 home runs
last year to a .320 batting average, 204 hits and 25 home runs this year. His hits rank 3rd in the AL league. Congratulations Robinson Cano on your 2009 season award!
Other nominees: Phil Hughes, Melky Cabrera, Andy Pettitte
Mark Teixeira

Teixeira Award.jpg
One of the big three in the offseason signings contributed hugely at the plate, but also hugely at first base. His .997 fielding percentage ranks 2nd in the AL. He has made just 4 errors all season. Great plays day in and day out have massively helped this team win 103 games. Congratulations Mark Teixeira on your 2009 season award!
Other nominees: Derek Jeter, Robinson Cano, Melky Cabrera
Eric Hinske

Hinske Award.jpg
Making his Yankee debut on July 6th, Hinske has hit .226 for the Yankees with 7 home runs in 39 games. In his first 7 games with the Yankees, Hinkse hit 5 home runs. Hinske offers the Yankees some great, valuable options moving into the post season. Congratulations Eric Hinske on your 2009 season award!
Other nominees: Jerry Hairston Jr., Chad Gaudin, Sergio Mitre
Francisco Cervelli

Cervelli Award.jpg
When Posada went down, the Yankees didn’t have much options. Cervelli came up to take his place, and the expectations were not that high. A .180 hitter in AA hit .298 for the Yankees this year. His first career home run in Atlanta arguably turned the Yankee season around. Congratulations Francisco Cervelli on your 2009 season Award!
Other nominees: Ramiro Peña, Kevin Cash
Mark Teixeira

Teixeira Award (Conference).png
The Yankees were involved in the three biggest deals in the 2008 off season. The biggest was Mark Teixeira. A stellar glove at first won him an award earlier. His offense has him in contention for AL MVP. He leads the league in home runs with 39 and leads the league in RBI’s with 116. Without Teixeira, this team is much different. Congratulations Mark Teixeira on your second 2009 season award!
Other nominees: C.C. Sabathia, A.J. Burnett, Nick Swisher
Chien-Ming Wang

Wang Award.jpg
After winning 36 games in two years, something bad happened to Wang. In 12 games this season, Wang was 1-6 with a 9.64 ERA and a WH
IP over 2. Perhaps it was his foot injury last year in Houston, but with Wang’s production this year, it’s amazing the Yankees were able to do what they have done. You won an award… but no congratulations.
Other nominees: Jose Veras, Edwar Ramirez, Brian Bruney
Thank you to all of my readers and voters. The regular season coverage is officially over. Time for the playoffs!

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Yankees Plans For Joba Finally Revealed

Yankees reporter Bryan Hoch just reported the following via Twitter.

@BryanHoch: Yankees planning on using RHP Joba Chamberlain in relief for a few batters Sunday to see how he reacts.”
This is huge news. Whether this is a long term plan, or a short term plan we do not know. But what we do know is that Joba will most likely be pitching out of the pen in the first round of the playoffs. 
It seems as though the Yankees have made the right choice, and they have. But don’t forget that this is a plan that is long overdue, and if it doesn’t work out, we can certainly blame the fact that the Yankees misjudged, and left off what was right until the last possible minute.
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Yanks Pound Sox, Close in on Title

A-Rod’s big night lifts Yanks past Sox.

Red Sox Special.jpgVSYankees Logo Special.jpg
9:25 Box.png

Joba 9:25:09.png

We got what we wanted today. Not only a win, but Joba Chamberlain finally pitched well. He was great. He went six innings giving up three runs on five hits, five strikeouts and one walk. The Yankees got to Lester early and had their big inning in the third. They scored four runs on a two-run A-Bomb and RBI’s by Melky and Jeter. A bit of a scary moment came up on Melky’s RBI. He hit a hard line drive right into the knee of Lester. Lester was on the ground in considerable pain but ended up walking off the field on his own power. It turns out that nothing was broken and he will be okay. Say what you want about Lester, the Yankees and the Playoffs, but I don’t want to see anyone get hurt, especially an 

A-Rod and Teix 9:25:09.png

essential part of a playoff contending team. It would have been a bad thing for baseball, and to be quite honest, it would have made it a lot less fun. Lester was only able to go two and a third inning and gave up five runs. The Yankees, for some reason, were just hitting him really well. The Red Sox bullpen was really taxed tonight, so expect that to be an interesting factor in the remaining games this series. A-Rod and Matsui combined for five hits and four walks. The Yankees stole seven bases tonight. For some reason, Terry Francona made it very clear that that can be done easily. So, the Yankees took advantage, and hopefully will continue to in this series.
Player of the Game: Alex Rodriguez: 3 for 3, 3 R, 4 RBI, 2 BB
The Wrap-Up:
With this win, the Yankees magic number goes down to three. So much can be said for Joba Chamberlains big start tonight. I don’t think that he completely proved himself tonight, but it was certainly a huge step for this organization. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that when they demolish the innings limit, he so suddenly pitches well.
Coming Up Next:
Tomorrow at 4:05 pm on FOX, C.C. Sabathia will face off against Dice-K. With a win, they will be able to drop the magic number to just one game. I really want the Yankees to clinch against the Sox, so go for the sweep!

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Joba & Playoffs Podcast 9/21/09

Here is my newest podcast. It covers analysis of Joba Chamberlains last start in Seattle, what’s next for Joba Chamberlain, what’s wrong with the innings limit and an insight to the Yankees pursuit towards the playoffs. Click the link below to check it out!

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Joba’s Pitching Today! Oh No!

Joba is pitching against Snell today in the final game of a three game set in Seattle. I’m not going to write my normal preview today. If your read my blog you know how much I hate the Chamberlain situation. So, I felt that in this case, I needed to make a more intimate approach to this argument mainly because as it gets closer to the playoffs, I get more and more annoyed. So to do that, I made a Podcast for you to listen to. Simply click on the link below and listen to what I have to say about the situation. Hopefully it will make you, too, join in my quest to make some sense of whatever is going on with Joba.