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Mauer nearly perfect in MVP votes

Mauer MVP.pngOf the 28 overall votes for American League MVP, Twins catcher, Joe Mauer stole 27 of them to wrap up the first award of his career. Mauer also added his third batting title of his career after batting .365 this season.

Mauer was up against a duel of Yankees this season. 1B Mark Teixiera and SS Derek Jeter came in at second and third respectively, with Detroits Miguel Cabrera, Anaheims Kendry Morales and Bostons Kevin Youkilis to follow.

Mauer also lead the league in OBP and SLG and recorded career highes in home runs, batting average, hits and runs batted in.

This was a well deserved award for Mauer who has had the award stolen from him nearly every year. Teixiera and Jeter made it a difficult case, but Mauer has finally run away with one of the most deserved and most overdue awards in major league history.


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Some Thoughts: DET vs MIN, Mauer

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Both teams lead in their final games of the season. If the scores hold up, the Twins will be involved in their second straight tiebreaker game. Last year, the White Sox won and went on to lose in the ALDS. The tiebreaker would be on Tuesday in Minnesota. If your a Yankee fan, you want that game. Both teams would be forced to use their best players and their bullpen and starters would not be well rested for game 1, which would likely be the next day at Yankee Stadium. Either way, Verlander cannot pitch either the tiebreaker game or game 1 of the playoffs. Advantage Yankees.
At the end of next year, Mauer will be a free agent and Jorge Posada;s career will be near the end. Mauer has said that he just wants to be sure that “wherever [he] ends up, [he] wants to be sure he can win every year.” Normally when a player says that, they end up on the Yankees. I’m not saying it WILL happen, but I feel there is certainly a possibility. Another thought on Mauer is the MVP award. I’ve said that I think Teixeira should win it. But, seeing the run that the Twins have put together and recognizing that Mauer had been out for the first month of the season, I think it’s time to Mauer his long deserved MVP award.
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