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ALCS Game 6 Preview

Angels Logo.gif2009 ALCS.gifYankees NY Logo.gif
Game 6 – LAA @ NYY
8:20 PM ET
NYY Leads 3-2

Angels probable pitcher:

Joe Saunders.jpg
Joe Saunders
#51 LHP
(16-7) 4.60 ERA 186.0 IP 101 SO 1.430 WHIP
Last Game: 10/17 @ NYY: ND, 7.0 IP, 6 H, 2 R, BB, 5 SO, HR, 105-57 Pit-Str
Postseason (Career): 2 GS (0-0) 4.63 ERA 7 SO 1.371 WHIP
Postseason (2009): 2 GS (0-0) 4.63 ERA 7 SO 1.371 WHIP
Run Support (Season): 6.55 Runs/Game
vs Yankees (Season): 2 GS (1-0) 4.72 ERA 6 SO 1.350 WHIP
Away (Season): 15 GS (8-4) 5.13 ERA 49 SO 1.597 WHIP
Opposing Hitters (Yankees):
Most PA: Nick Swisher (25)
Best BA: Alex Rodriguez (.500, 7 for 14)
Most H: Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez (7)
Most HR: Alex Rodriguez (2)
Notable Stat: –3, < 2 outs: .436 BAA 27 RA
Yankees probable pitcher:
Andy Pettitte.jpg
Andy Pettitte
#46 LHP
(14-8) 4.16 ERA 194.2 IP 148 SO 1.382 WHIP
Last Game: 10/19 @ LAA: ND, 6.1 IP, 7 H, 3 R, BB, 2 SO, 2 HR, 95-59 Pit-Str 
Postseason (Career): 37 GS (15-9) 3.90 ERA 148 SO 1.329 WHIP
Postseason (2009): 2 GS (1-0) 2.84 ERA 9 SO 0.947 WHIP
Run Support (Season): 5.52 Runs/Game
vs Angels (Season): 3 GS (0-2) 7.88 ERA 6 SO 1.813 WHIP
Home (Season): 16 GS (6-4) 4.59 ERA 74 SO 1.490 WHIP 
Opposing Hitters (Yankees):
Most PA: Torii Hunter (37)
Best BA: Mike Napoli (.556, 5 for 9)
Most H: Vladimir Guerrero, Gary Matthews (9)
Most HR: Torii Hunter, Juan Rivera (1)
Notable Stat: Night games: 3.54 ERA Day games: 5.73 ERA
Keys to the Game:
  • First pitch: In the 2009 regular season, opposing batters hit .409 on the first pitch against Saunders. 
  • Wait it out: The third time a team faces Saunders in a game, they are hit a combined .302 in the regular season.
  • Think air: Saunders had a 1.32 GO/AO (Groundouts to Air outs) ratio in the 2009 regular season. The league average was 1.06 GO/AO. Saunders lives on the grounder, so think about keeping the ball off the ground. 
  • Swipe #2: Opposing teams are successful 82% (14 for 17) of the time when attempting to steal second base.   
Scouting Report:
  • The fastball: Saunders throws his fastball at an average speed of 90.5 MPH and throws it 63% of the time.
  • The curveball: Suanders throws his curveball 15.3% of the time at an average speed of 76.2 MPH.
  • The change: Saunders drops his change 17.9 % of the time at an average speed of 82.5 MPH.
  • The slider: The slider is Saunders least popular pitch. He throws it just 3.5% of the time at an average speed of 81.4 MPH.
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A Game for the Ages

A-Rods clutch homer in the 11th keeps the game alive.

Hairston 10:17.jpgIt’s not to surprising that the Yankees have continued their walk off magic into the postseason. Leading the major leagues with both 51 comeback wins and 15 walk offs in the regular season, the Yankees lead in both those categories in the postseason. Last night (and this morning) marked the Yankees second walk off win and their fourth comeback win this postseason. Just a week away from the thriller game 2 of the ALDS, the Yankees put on another show in the Bronx.

Burnett for the Yankees and Saunders for the Angels both took the mound to start the game. Both pitched very well, each giving up just two runs and going more than 6 innings. Burnett was a bit sloppy though, giving up one of his runs on a wild pitch.
Burnett wasn’t the only sloppy one. The Yankees had 3 errors and the Angels had two. They combined for 4 double plays and 28 men left on base. With those kind of numbers, it is no surprise the game went 13 innings.
The bullpens were the silver lining in this one. The Yankees finished the game with just one reliever left, Chad Gaudin. They used 7 relievers who combined for 6.2 innings pitched. Together they allowed just 1 run and struck out 6 batters. Robertson, the final pitcher, recorded the win.
The Angels somehow managed to use just 4 relievers. They, to, pitched very well. They combined for 5.1 innings and gave up 2 runs and struck out just three batters. Ervin Santana got the loss.
The Yankee bullpen probably came out on top in this one. Especially because of probably the biggest point in the game. The Angels, after taking the lead in the 11th inning, brought in their closer Brian Fuentes. The due up batters were A-Rod, Guzman and Gardner. Guess what? Down 0-2, A-Rod lifted a shot right over the right field wall to tie the game. A-Rod now has 6 straight postseason games with an RBI, dating back to 2007 against the Indians. That is the longest streak in his career by a long shot.
From then on, it was sloppy. Each team had opportunities in each inning but couldn’t cash in. The player who could probably take the most blame is Guerrero who came up with bases loaded, 2 outs twice and struck out both times. It was clear, to me at least, that one of these teams was going to win on a gift, because neither team was acting like they really wanted it.
That was the way it turned out. Hairtson scored in the bottom of the 12th on a throwing error by Izturis at second to win the game.
“Izzy just tried to do to much,” Angels manager Mike Scioscia said. “Your not going to turn two there.”
The game took 13 innings and 5 hours and 10 minutes. It was the second longest by innings and the fourth longest by time in ALCS history. Hopefully, for the sake of our health, the Yankees never break that record.
Player of the Game: Alex Rodriguez: 1 for 6, HR, RBI
The Wrap-Up: This was going to be a big game either way it turned out. If the Angels could go back to Anaheim tied 1-1 in a place where the Yankees are horrible, this series would pretty much be in their hands. Instead, the Yankees have full control. But, don’t forge what happened in 2004. No lead is a sure lead. The Yankees know that more than anyone.
Coming Up Next: We go to southern cal. where weather will surely no longer be the problem. It will be Pettitte vs Weaver. I haven’t seen the forecast, but I’d bet $1,000 it will be 70-80 degrees, sunny and low humidity on Monday. Typical southern cali day.

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ALCS Game 2 Lineups

Yankees Logo Special.jpgYankees (4-0, 103-59)

Derek Jeter SS
Johnny Damon LF
Mark Teixeira 1B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Hideki Matsui DH
Nick Swisher RF
Robinson Cano 2B
Melky Cabrera CF
Jose Molina C
Pitching: A.J. Burnett (13-9, 4.40 ERA)

Angels Logo Special.jpg

Angels (3-1, 97-65)
Chone Figgins 3B
Bobby Abreu RF
Torii Hunter CF
Vladimir Guerrero DH
Kendry Morales 1B
Juan Rivera LF
Maicer Izturis 2B
Mike Napoli C
Erik Aybar SS
Pitching: Joe Saunders (16-7, 4.60 ERA)
JOSE MOLINA: He gets the start again over Posada catching Burnett. In the regular season, opposing hitters had a .307 OBP when Burnett threw to Molina, as opposed to a .353 OBP when throwing to Posada. Molina Caught Burnett in his first postseason game last week and Burnett threw 6 innings of one run, three hit ball and struck out six batters.
THE RAIN: Once again, rain is in the forecast. According to weather.com there is a 35% chance of rain when play will start. If the game gets called, it will take place tomorrow afternoon.
SAUNDERS: The Yankees are combined .288 hitters against Saunders with five homers. Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez both lead the team with seven hits against Saunders in their careers. Saunders has faced the Yankees twice this year and has a 4.72 ERA in those starts. He hasn’t pitched at Yankee Stadium this season.
BURNETT: Burnett finished the regular season very strong and carried it over to the playoffs. Since September 18th, Burnett has a 1.80 ERA and 34 strike outs.

NACK FOR GAME 2: The Yankees have not lost game two of the ALCS since and 12-inning loss to Cleveland in 1998. They are 5-0 in ALCS game two since that game.

9/21 Yankees vs Angels Preview

Vote Now for the 2009 Season Awards
Yankees Logo.pngVSAngles Logo.png
Yankees Probable Pitcher:

Andy Pettitte.jpg

Andy Pettitte
#46 LHP
(13-6) 4.14 ERA 178.1 IP 2.09 SO/BB
Last Game: 9/11 vs BAL: ND, 5 IP, 5 H, 3 R, 3 BB, 5 SO
Away (Season): (8-2) 3.52 ERA 1.209 WHIP
Vs Angels (Season): (0-1) 9.90 ERA 2.200 WHIP
Run Support: 5.77 Runs/Game
Opposing Hitters (Angles):
Most PA: Torii Hunter (34)
Best BA: Brandon Wood (.667, 2 for 3)
Most H: Gary Matthews (9)
Most HR: Torii Hunter, Juan Rivera, Brandon Wood (1)
Notable Stat: Last 9 Starts: 3.00 ERA .210 BAA
Angels Probable Pitcher:

Joe Saunders.jpg
Joe Saunders
#51 LHP
(13-7) 4.75 ERA 166.2 IP 1.51 SO/BB
Last Game: 9/16 @ BOS: ND, 5.2 IP, 8 H, 5 R, 2 ER, 3 BB, 5 SO
Home (Season): (6-3) 4.29 ERA 1.321 WHIP
Vs Yankees (Season): (0-0) 9.00 ERA 2.200 WHIP
Run Support: 6.59 Runs/Game
Opposing HItters (Yankees):
Most PA: Nick Swisher (22)
Best BA: Alex Rodriguez (.500, 5 for 10), Eric Hinske (.500, 1 for 2)
Most H: Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Nick Swisher (5)
Most HR: Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Nick Swisher (1)
Notable Stat: 7/10 vs NYY: 5.0 IP, 9 H, 5 R
Keys to the Game:
  1. Swing Early: Batters are hitting .395 off Saunders on the first pitch this year.
  2. Get ’em Loaded: With the bases loaded, opposing batters are hitting .438 this season off Saunders.
  3. Don’t Worry If You Fall Behind: Opposing hitters actually have a better BAA when Saunders throws a first pitch strike. So, either way, strike or ball, you have an advantage.
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Stats provided by Baseball-Reference.com