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The New York Yankees: 2000’s

Best Moment: 2001 WS vs Diamondbacks: Derek Jeter becomes “Mr. November”

Derek Jeter earned his pinstripes by walking off against the Diamondbacks in the 2001 world series with a home run over the right field wall. Still one of the most iconic scenes in Yankee history.

Honorable mention: Aaron Boone walk-off home run in Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS vs Boston.

Worst Moment:
2004 ALCS vs Red Sox: Damon’s Grand Slam

johnny-damon-hitting-grand-slam-game-7--alcs-┬ęphotofile.jpgFuture Yankees, Johnny Damon, stuns an already disgusting series for the Yankees. A 3-0 game lead in the ALCS was soon to be diminished with one swing.

Honorable mention: Rivera throws potential double play ball into center field in the bottom of the ninth in game 7 of the 2001 WS.

Best Game: 7/1/04 vs Red Sox: “The greatest game you will ever see”

John F.png

A back and forth game that lasted well into the night was ended by pinch hitter, John Flaherty. A ground rule double over the left field wall was ruled a single because he never touched second base. The game also included the famous dive into the stands by Derek Jeter.

Honorable mention: 8/7/09: A-Rod walk-off home run in scoreless, 15 inning affair vs Red Sox.

Worst Game: 2001 WS vs Diamondbacks: Luis Gonzalez blooper

A story book series and a near comeback win for the Yankees was gone with the wind after Luis Gonzalez blooped a walk off single over the drawn in infield. Had the infield played back, the Yankees would have 28 world championships.

Honorable mention: 4/25/09: Yankees blow huge lead vs Red Sox.

Biggest Bust: Carl Pavano comes to the Yankees, but doesn’t pitch

Pavano Sucks.pngHe just sucked.

Honorable mention: Chein-Ming Wang collapses in 2009 season.

Best play: 2001 ALDS vs A’s: The Jeter “flip play”

“One of the best plays you will ever see by a shortstop.” Jeter steals away an A’s run with an amazing flip to catcher Jorge Posada, keeping the game tied.

Honorable mention: 7/1/04: Jeter dives into the stands.

Team of the decade:
1B: Mark Teixeira
2B: Alfonso Soriano
3B: Alex Rodriguez
SS: Derek Jeter
LF: Johnny Damon
CF: Bernie Williams
RF: Paul O’Neil
C: Jorge Posada
SP: Andy Pettitte
RP: Mariano Rivera
Manager: Joe Torre

Yankees leaders of the decade:
Most Games: Derek Jeter (1500)
Most Home Runs: Alex Rodriguez (238)
Most Hits: Derek Jeter (1940)
Most Walks: Jorge Posada (707)
Most Wins: Mike Mussina (123)
Most Saves: Mariano Rivera (397)
Most Strikeouts: Mike Mussina (1278)
Most Pitches: Mike Mussina (24120)


Top 5 Google.com results

Here are the top 5 dumbest results on google.com for the Yankees.

5) “mariano rivera”
Google Rivera.pngFYI, if you type in Jose Molina, he has a bunch of results.

4) “is joe girardi”
Google Girardi.pngCatholic, black, sick, ill, hispanic? Try watching the game.

3) “what does alex rodriguez”
Google A-Rod.pngI don’t know? FOOD! Not to mention the even stupider question in the last row.

2) “is cc sabathia”
Google Sabthia.pngUmmm, yes, he is.

1) “is johnny damon”
Google Damon.pngWell, with the way he’s handled his negotations this off season, I’d say so.

Chat or Chuck: Reed Johnson

The NY Post is reporting that the Yankees are in serious talks with the agents of free agent outfielder Reed Johnson. The Yankees have been in search for an outfielder, as it seems Johnny Damon will not be returning. With Granderson in center and Nick Swisher in right, left field is weak with just Gardner. Would Johnson be a good choice?


  • He has hit over .300 twice in his career.
  • He hits .313 against lefties in his career and could fill in for Granderson who is weak against lefties.
  • Gardner may not be consistent enough to start everyday in left.
  • He can play all three outfield positions.
  • He most likely won’t require a long term deal.


  • He hit just .255 last year.
  • He really isn’t a strong enough player to start in left, at least not any stronger than Gardner.
  • The Yankees have some other options for left within their system.

Chat or Chuck?:
If anything, I would like to see the Yankees go after another pitcher. The Yankees were lucky enough to make it through the playoffs with just three starters, and you have to think that won’t work again. Last year, everything went right, you have to expect some adversity. And right now, the Yankees pitching depth can not deal with that as easily as the outfield can. Bottom line, a pitcher will help this team more than an outfielder right now.

POLL UPDATE: 100% (7 votes) of you think that the Vazquez trade was a good idea. 


Poll of the Day:
Should the Yankees sign Reed Johnson?(polling)

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Smart or Smack: Javier Vazquez

The NY Post reported a couple of days ago that Cashman wanted to get a starter by the New Year. Today, that goal was accomplished. It has been confirmed by MLB.com that the Yankees have traded Melky Cabrera to the Braves for SP Javier Vazquez. I’ve said it before, the Yankees needed a starting pitcher. But, was the price too high? Let’s take a look:


  • He had a 2.87 ERA last year in 32 starts.
  • He had a 5.41 SO/BB ratio last year.
  • He strikes out 8.1 batters per nine innings in his career.
  • He has a career 3.48 SO/BB ratio.
  • He gave up just 0.8 HR’s per nine innings last year.
  • He has 200+ strikeouts in his last three seasons.
  • Melky has never hit over .280 or had an OBP over .360 in five career seasons.
  • Melky only hits an average of 10 homers per year.
  • The Yankees needed a starter more than anything else.
  • He could have said no to this trade, so you know he wants to pitch in New York.


  • Melky is a good outfielder.
  • The Yankees now need an outfielder, unless they trust Gardner everyday.
  • Vazquez had a 4.91 ERA in his one year with the Yankees.
  • Vazquez will cost more than Melky over the next couple of years.

Smart or Smack?:
To me, the question with any trade is: Is you team better equipped to win? The answer here is yes. The Yankees really needed a starter. Vazquez is a verteran who has proved that he can be dominating. Yes he has had medioker years, but as a number three or four starter, that would be okay. As for Melky, he never really made a difference. The only reason people don’t like this deal is because they think Melky has great potential. Well, he hasn’t shown that in five seasons. You can’t fall in love with these guys who you are wating to see production from. In the end, the Yankees are now a stronger team.

UPDATE 6:14 p.m. Just remember that this deal is taken out of context. The Yankees are now players for an outfielder such as Jermaine Dye (Jon Heyman) and still Johnny Damon (Yankees.com). Better off talking about this trade in a month.

UPDATE 6:59 p.m. You can add Mark DeRosa to that list of possibilities (WFAN.com).

UPDATE 7:03 p.m. Also remember that the Yankees are unlikely to make a big deal for a Matt Holliday or Jason Bay, considering what the free agent market plays out for next year. Maybe Carl Crawford is a possibility?


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Are you happy with the deal for Vazquez?(polls)

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The Buzz: A Dam[o]n mess

Damon 12:18.pngBack and forth we go. The 36 year old Damon has made it very clear that he wants to return to the Yankees, but his price has been set too high for the liking of the Yankees. Damon’s agent, Scott Boras, wants $13 million for three-years, no less. Or so he says.

Ken Davidoff of Newsday tweets that the Yankees offered Damon two-years for $14 million. Boras responded with a counteroffer of two-years, $26 million, lower than what he initially demanded.

And so unfolds the truth.

Ken Davidoff tweeted later that the Damon requested a two-year, $22 million deal, which the Yankees declined.

When you first look at this story, you say: Well, I guess the Yankees just don’t want Damon. That is not at all the case. Cashman has expressed his desire to bring back Damon, specificallly by calling him “the perfect number two hitter.” He has never outright said that he has closed the doors on talks with Damon.

Instead, I think that this decline was a strategy. When Boras countered with a two-year deal, the Yankees saw that Damon really wanted to play for the Yankees, and was willing to lower his offer. So, all of the talk about going to another team was, indeed, a bluff.

Once again, the Yankees are in the drivers seat. It seemed a week ago that if Damon was going to come back, the Yankees would have needed to back down. Instead, it’s now Damon that will need to back down. What else is new?


Poll of the Day:
Should the Yankees resign Damon regardless of the price?(opinion)

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Chat or Chuck: Nick Johnson

Just as the Yankees introduced their new center fielder, Curtis Granderson, today, they were apparently in full force as we approach the 2010 regular season. The NY Post reported today that the Yankees are close to a one-year deal with the left hand hitting, Nick Johnson. He is a former Yankee, should the Yankees bring him back?

Why Chat?:

  • He would fill in perfectly as a DH with Matsui gone and Damon questionable.
  • He has a .402 career OBP.
  • He is only 31 years old.
  • He made $5.5 million last year, so the Yankees could get him for a cheap, one-year deal.
  • He started his career with the Yankees, so he will fit in nicely.
  • He has postseason experience.

Why Chuck?:

  • He is extremely injury prone, missing all of the 2007 season.
  • He is slow and might not be a good number two hitter should he need to replace Damon.

Chat or Chuck?:
Nick Johnson was a great Yankee when he was around, and I was surprised when they let him go. Bottom line is that this guy is a good, solid hitter who can get on base, and that’s exactly what you need. In the end, a 1-year $5 million investment in the 31 year old Johnson is a lot safer than a 3-year $39 million investment in the 36 year old Damon.


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The Buzz: Damon ready to move on

Report: Damon to explore other options besides Yanks

Johnny Damon 12:16.jpgThe NY Post is reporting that Johnny Damon is ready to look for other offers as the Yankees continue to stall. Damon has made it clear that he wants to return to the Bronx, and the Yankees have made it clear that they too want him back.

The negotiations have come to a stalemate. Damon’s agent, Scott Boras, thinks Damon deserves a three to four year deal worth at least $13 million a year. The Yankees, on the other hand, feel a two-year, $20 million deal is more appropriate.

“I am going to start looking around. Teams are getting better and there
are teams interested,” Damon told The Post yesterday. “I can’t wait
forever and I am sure [the Yankees] are trying to figure things out. I
have to be ready.”

So what should the Yankees do? As I said yesterday, pitching is the #1 priority for the Yankees right now, or at least it better be. If Cashman feels that a three or four year deal is really inappropriate, then I’m going to trust him. The Yankees have no reason to make lucrative or risky deals on players they don’t really need right now. If one thing is going to make this team better, it’s going to be pitching.


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Should the Yankees sign Damon for more than two years?(survey software)

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