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NY Note #4

Retired Numbers.JPGAfter Jeter, what current Yankee has the best shot at seeing his number retired?  Given how his time in the Bronx has been riddled with controversy, would A-Rod even have a shot?

Jeffery Lung
Chicago, IL

Interesting question, Jeff. With all the free agent talks and trade talks that the Yankees are always involved in, very seldom do we get to step back and speak about the legends. Your right, Jeter is a given. But who else?

When a first saw this question, I thought about the core four. Jeter, Rivera, Posada and Pettitte. Jeter’s in. Rivera — who’s number is already retired for Jackie Robinson — is in as well. As for Posada, I don’t think he has a real Yankee legacy like Rivera and Jeter. Pettitte, though, with all of those domianant years, does deserve it. Although I doubt that will happen.

Who else? Well, you have to think about the Yankees that will be around forever, guys who the Yankees would never let go. To me, those are Phil Hughes, Joba Chamberlain and Robinson Cano. Of those, I think Cano will do it. He is an MVP type player, and there is no doubt in my mind that he will win multiple batting titles. Hughes and Chamberlain are iffy.

Then A-Rod. I say no. To me, it won’t be the controversy that will keep A-Rod’s number out, it will be the fact that his greatness had already been defined when he came to the Yankees. For that reason, the number 13 on pinstripes isn’t so iconic. Free agents that come to the Yankees don’t leave behind the legacy that the lifetimes do, like a Jeter or a Pettitte. But it’s still possible. Think of other free agents that came to the Yankees. Reggie Jackson and Babe Ruth both didn’t start with the Yankees and both had their numbers retired. But, then again, A-Rods no Babe. Jeffery Lung is a writer for Red State Blue State

— NYColeman


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NY Note #2

A-Rod and Kate.pngA-Rod seems to hit with Kate Hudson in the stands. What’s your thought on this theory?

Teds Take
Cleveland, OH

I first saw Kate Hudson at a game when the Yankees were in Anaheim. A-Rod hit a home run, and they showed a shot of  Kate Hudson in the stands clapping, and I thought “oh okay.” 
Ever since that moment, I’ve seen Kate Hudson at pretty much every game, and your right, he has been a better hitter since. But, lets not leave this up to opinion, lets prove it. 
There was a report on September 2nd, 2009 that Kate Hudson had moved in to Alex Rodriguez’s New York City apartment. In 26 regular season games after that point, A-Rod hit .352 with 7 home runs, 29 RBI’s and an OPS of 1.045! Those are some pretty healthy numbers. Not to mention he’s had his first streak of postseason games with 2 RBI’s since 2004. 
Not only am I impressed with those numbers, but I’m impressed that Kate has been such a loyal fan! The Yankees have spent YEARS looking for something to get A-Rod going. If Kate gets it done, I’ll take it. It’s a bit unorthodox, but I’ll take it.
– NYColeman

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NY Note #1

Burnett Pitching.pngDo you think it is a smart idea to have Molina catching Burnett in the postseason, or do you think Posada should catch him? Personally, I think Molina should. How do you feel about this?

Cold Springs, NY


First off, Thank you Virginia for sending in the first ever NY Note.

Before we can answer this question, we need to first identify the issue. In 16 games throwing to Posada, opposing hitters have a .353 OBP as opposed to a .307 OBP in 11 games throwing to Molina. Clearly, he is for some reason a better pitcher when throwing to Molina. But, Posada is a far superior offensive player than Molina.

To answer your question, this goes back to a much bigger question. What is more valuable: an offensive player or a pitcher? The answer is definitely a pitcher. In this case, Posada will have 3-5 PA where he can impact the game while Burnett will impact a minimum of 18 PA in 6 innings. A pitcher has a vastly larger impact on a game than one offensive player, and for that reason, Molina should catch.

From the other side, we hear a lot of “How can you hurt Posada like this, he is a lifetime Yankee…” But heres the problem with that. This is not about making people happy, it’s about winning. And with Burnett on the mound with Molina behind the plate, the Yankees have the better chance to win.

– NYColeman


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