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ALDS: A Look at The Playoffs

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2009 ALDS.gifNLDS.gif
Yankees Logo Big.gifVSTigers Logo.giforTwins Logo.gif
The Rangers lost yesterday and the Red Sox clinched the American League Wild Card which means that the only possible teams that can play the Yankees in the first round are the Tigers or the Twins. It looks as though the Yankees will be playing the Tigers in the first round. With a Tigers win last night, in a great game by the way, the standings are as follows.

Detroit Tigers –
Minnesota Twins 2.0

The Twins have two remaining games in this series, and that will be it for the year against the Tigers. Either way, I don’t think that the Twins can overcome the Tigers. But, what we can 
realistically hope for, is a race until the end. If the Twins continue to stay on the Tigers tails, Verlander will be forced to pitch on the final day of the season and most likely won’t be able to pitch the first game of the playoffs. That would be a huge lift for the Yankees and would exponentially increase their chances of winning the first game, which also exponentially increases their chances to win the series. If he makes the start on the last day of the season,  and the Tigers still decide to pitch him in the first game of the ALDS, Verlander would be going on 2 or 3 games rest, which he has never done in his career before. 
Also, if Verlander makes that start on the last day of the season, it would also affect the Yankees decision for which format they would want. If they picked the format with the 2 off days, the playoffs would start one day earlier, and the Verlander would be starting on just 2 days rest as opposed to three. That adds an advantage to that format. So here are the updated advantages to each format.
3 Days Rest Format:
1. You only need two starters and can skip Joba Chamberlain.
2. The bullpen will be well rested for each game
3. A-Rod can get the extra rest that his hip needs
2 Days Rest Format:
1. You don’t have to (potentially) face Verlander and Jackson twice
2. You expose their weak fourth starter
3. If Verlander pitches the final day of the season, he would only be able to start the first game on 2 days rest and would likely start the second game.
They both have their perks, but I would still pick the first format. 
Heres a look at all of the series:
2009 ALDS.gif
Tigers Logo.gifTwins Logo.gifvsYankees Logo Big.gif 
Red Sox Logo.pngvsAngles Logo.png
Rockies Logo.gif Braves Logo.gif vsCardinals Logo.gif
Phillies Logo.gifvsDodgers Logo.gif
Poll of the Day:
Who should start game 2 for the Yankees?(polls)

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Destiny: Time for 27

Time for 27!

The 26 Championships:
I’ve highlighted four championships because those are the two longest droughts in Yankee history. 1962-1977 and 1978-1996. 14 seasons and 17 seasons respectively, without winning a championship. What interesting about that? Well, the Yankees haven’t won a championship since 2000. That’s 8 seasons without a championship and it’s also the third longest Yankee drought in history.
It’s time to win another. The pieces are there and the Yankees have all of the advantages. Go out there and do it! GO YANKEES!
Poll of the Day:

One Last Decision

A couple of hours after the Yankees clinched their first division title since 2006, they are faced with a decision. They have some time, but there definitely needs to be some thought being put into to this now if your the Yankees. That decision is for the format of the ALDS. As the team with the best record, the Yankees will get to decide whether they want two off days or three off days. Both have their benefits. Lets look at them.

3 Off Days:
– You can go with 3 starters on normal rest and skip Joba.
– Your bullpen will be rested fully for each game.
– Alex Rodriguez can get the rest that his hip needs.
2 Off Days:
– You don’t have to (potentially) face Verlander and Jackson twice.
That is all assuming that the Tigers win the central division. If the Twins or Rangers make comebacks and thus face off against the Yankees, the Yankees will most certainly pick the three off days because neither of those teams have pitchers of the same quality of Verlander or Jackson.
Just to make it clear, the Yankees don’t have to make this decision until one hour after they either clinch the division or the opponent is decided, which ever comes later. In this case, they have to wait until the opponent is decided, so they still have time.
If the Tigers do, in fact, win their division and face off against the Yankees, I think they should pick the three off days. There are many more benefits to picking that format as I detailed above. As for facing off against Verlander and Jackson twice, I don’t think it’s a big deal. First of all, if they sweep the series, they won’t have to face either of them twice. Plus, a potential game five would be at home where the Yankees have a .705 winning percentage, and they would have C.C. and A.J. (or Pettitte) to oppose respectively. The Yankees would still have a good chance to win either of those games and would have all the other benefits I mentioned. 3 off days is the better choice in my mind.

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Congratulations! Yankees Secure AL East Title

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Yankees Logo Special.jpg
AL East Champs.png
2009 ALDS.gifToday’s Accomplishments:
2009 AL East Division Champions
Home Field Advantage in ALL Series
Sweep Boston Red Sox 
Level Season Series at 9-9 After Losing First 8
Earn 100th Win

Player of the Game: The New York Yankees
The Wrap-Up:
Sit back and relax and wait for the playoffs to begin. Enjoy watching the youngsters.
Coming Up Next:
Who cares. But either way they open up a series with the Royals in the final regular season series at the New Yankee Stadium. The probables are Hochevar vs Gaudin.

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Joba & Playoffs Podcast 9/21/09

Here is my newest podcast. It covers analysis of Joba Chamberlains last start in Seattle, what’s next for Joba Chamberlain, what’s wrong with the innings limit and an insight to the Yankees pursuit towards the playoffs. Click the link below to check it out!

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