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The Buzz: Damon, Baldelli

Olney predicts Yankee, Damon reunion
Buster Olney says in a video blog, that he feels Damon will end up in New York because “he’s running out of other options.” He mentions that the Braves, Giants, and Tigers have pulled out of the race, making the Yankees chances even greater for obtaining Damon. He says that two things would have to happen, one being that “Damon would have to greatly reduce his salary demands,” and the other being that “Hal Steinbrenner would have to essentially rewrite his budget.” He adds that sources tell him that Hal is unlikely to do that, although many team executives say that they think Damon will end up in New York.

Balldeli never signed, although is still an option
Anthony DiComo says via the Hot Stove Blog that a report yesterday about Baldelli signing with  the Yankees was incorrect, according to Brian Cashman. He adds that the Yankees are still very interested in Baldelli, should Damon not work out.

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Damon almost out of options

Damon 1:15.jpgWith everyday Damon remains a free agent, I struggle to understand where things went wrong. With the thought of the game changing, season changing steal of two bases in the World Series, it’s hard to think that that player would have so much trouble finding a team.

There are a few interesting pieces of information today, all of which lead me to believe that a Damon return to New York may not be impossible.

The two front runners for Damon as of yesterday were the Tigers and Braves.

Today, we learned that they are very weak front runners. The Braves have reportedly pulled out of the race for Damon, unless it was for $1-2M. The Tigers GM also said that they have not expressed any interest in Johnny Damon.

Add all of that to the fact that the Mets signed Jerry Hairston, and you have a set up for a Damon return. The Braves could offer $1-2M, but the Yankees have that much available too, and Damon would pick New York over Atlanta.

Should this come down to the wire, I wouldn’t be surprised for both sides to compromise, and for a one-year, $4-5M deal to surface. Just putting that out there. There’s no evidence of that yet, but the stage is certainly set for it.

Smart or Smack: Curtis Granderson

Wow. Who would have thought that the first big deal of the off season would involve the defending champions? According to the NY Post, the Yankees have a agreed upon a three way trade that would send Granderson to the Yankees, Ian Kennedy to the Diamondbacks and Phil Coke and Austin Jackson to the Tigers.


  • He is only 29 years old.
  • He has stolen over 65 bases in all of his past four seasons.
  • He hit 30 home runs last season, and with the right field at Yankee Stadium combined with his lefty bat, that is sure to rise.
  • The Yankees, in essence, made a good deal, only giving up one top prospect.
  • He can play a good center field.


  • The Yankees have given up their top prospect.
  • Without Coke and Bruney, this bullpen is extremely thin now.
  • Granderson hits .183 against left-handed pitching.
  • He strikes out a lot, leading the league in that category in 2006.

Smart or Smack:
You tell me.
I’m torn on this one. Granderson is a great player who is young and can make a difference at Yankee Stadium. It was a good thing that the Yankees didn’t give up too much. They still have huge prospects waiting to come up, so theres still some hope in that regard. Coke and Kennedy I can live without, but with Bruney gone as well, the Yankees better have a plan for this suddenly thin bullpen. To me, what this really means is that the Yankees have kind of pulled themselves out of the race for Halladay. In the end, as much as I was looking forward to watching Jackson come up and grow, the thought of a second trophy next year is uncomparable. Thats what you have to play for.


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The Buzz: Granderson an option

Granderson 11:12.jpgThe Yankees are reportedly targeting Tigers center fielder Curtis Granderson (NY Post). Granderson has a contract through 2012 with an option for 2013. The Tigers will surely be hesitant to trade Granderson, but in a city that has been hit hard by the economic downturn, it may not be up to the executives. The Tigers still have players with big contacts such as Guillen, OrdoƱez, Willis and others.

Graderson would be a big upgrade from the Yankees current center fielders in Gardner and Cabrera. Both were thought to have huge potential, but neither put up all-star numbers in 2009. Granderson would likely come to New York as a part of a package that includes Yankees top prospect Austin Jackson. Granderson’s stats all fell from the 2008 season to the 2009 season.

Granderson by the Numbers:

29 The age that Granderson will be at the beginning of next season.

30 The amount of home runs Curtis hit last year. It was a career high for him. It was fourth in the league for all AL lefties.

141 The amount of times Granderson struck out in 2009. That was the 9th most in the Majors.

More of Granderson’s stats


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Some Thoughts: DET vs MIN, Mauer

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Both teams lead in their final games of the season. If the scores hold up, the Twins will be involved in their second straight tiebreaker game. Last year, the White Sox won and went on to lose in the ALDS. The tiebreaker would be on Tuesday in Minnesota. If your a Yankee fan, you want that game. Both teams would be forced to use their best players and their bullpen and starters would not be well rested for game 1, which would likely be the next day at Yankee Stadium. Either way, Verlander cannot pitch either the tiebreaker game or game 1 of the playoffs. Advantage Yankees.
At the end of next year, Mauer will be a free agent and Jorge Posada;s career will be near the end. Mauer has said that he just wants to be sure that “wherever [he] ends up, [he] wants to be sure he can win every year.” Normally when a player says that, they end up on the Yankees. I’m not saying it WILL happen, but I feel there is certainly a possibility. Another thought on Mauer is the MVP award. I’ve said that I think Teixeira should win it. But, seeing the run that the Twins have put together and recognizing that Mauer had been out for the first month of the season, I think it’s time to Mauer his long deserved MVP award.
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All is Well

Joe Nathan Fist Pump.pngThere’s one final decision to be made in the American League. At the beginning of the day, the Tigers led the Twins by just 1 game in the AL Central. The winner of this division will play the Yankees in the ALDS. Heres what happened today:

DET 1 CWS 5 Final
KCR 4 MIN 5 Final
That means they are all tied up in the AL Central with just one game to go. Tomorrow, the Twins play the Royals, and the Tigers play the White Sox. Heres the good news: Verlander is forced to pitch tomorrow. That means that even if the Tigers win the Central, Verlander will not be able to pitch until game 2, rather than game 1. Obviously the Twins have a better chance to win tomorrow (they are playing the Royals.) But even if it ends up tied, they will have to play a tiebreaker, and Verlander would not be able to pitch for the Tigers, which would increase the Twins chances of winning. But, no matter which team wins, the Yankees will be well rested while either the Twins or Tigers will be worn out going into the ALDS. It all worked out. Now lets just see what happens.

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ALDS: A Look at The Playoffs

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2009 ALDS.gifNLDS.gif
Yankees Logo Big.gifVSTigers Logo.giforTwins Logo.gif
The Rangers lost yesterday and the Red Sox clinched the American League Wild Card which means that the only possible teams that can play the Yankees in the first round are the Tigers or the Twins. It looks as though the Yankees will be playing the Tigers in the first round. With a Tigers win last night, in a great game by the way, the standings are as follows.

Detroit Tigers –
Minnesota Twins 2.0

The Twins have two remaining games in this series, and that will be it for the year against the Tigers. Either way, I don’t think that the Twins can overcome the Tigers. But, what we can 
realistically hope for, is a race until the end. If the Twins continue to stay on the Tigers tails, Verlander will be forced to pitch on the final day of the season and most likely won’t be able to pitch the first game of the playoffs. That would be a huge lift for the Yankees and would exponentially increase their chances of winning the first game, which also exponentially increases their chances to win the series. If he makes the start on the last day of the season,  and the Tigers still decide to pitch him in the first game of the ALDS, Verlander would be going on 2 or 3 games rest, which he has never done in his career before. 
Also, if Verlander makes that start on the last day of the season, it would also affect the Yankees decision for which format they would want. If they picked the format with the 2 off days, the playoffs would start one day earlier, and the Verlander would be starting on just 2 days rest as opposed to three. That adds an advantage to that format. So here are the updated advantages to each format.
3 Days Rest Format:
1. You only need two starters and can skip Joba Chamberlain.
2. The bullpen will be well rested for each game
3. A-Rod can get the extra rest that his hip needs
2 Days Rest Format:
1. You don’t have to (potentially) face Verlander and Jackson twice
2. You expose their weak fourth starter
3. If Verlander pitches the final day of the season, he would only be able to start the first game on 2 days rest and would likely start the second game.
They both have their perks, but I would still pick the first format. 
Heres a look at all of the series:
2009 ALDS.gif
Tigers Logo.gifTwins Logo.gifvsYankees Logo Big.gif 
Red Sox Logo.pngvsAngles Logo.png
Rockies Logo.gif Braves Logo.gif vsCardinals Logo.gif
Phillies Logo.gifvsDodgers Logo.gif
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